A 12-year-old was charged with attempted murder Wednesday at her home on Bell Station Drive in Oak Grove, according to a Christian County Sheriff’s report.

The 12-year-old was originally arrested for attempted murder Friday afternoon after poisoning her 4-year-old brother, the report stated.

According to the report, the 12-year-old’s mother was looking through the 12-year-old’s Skype messages with a male that lived in Texas. She saw that she told the male she was going to poison her brother with Mr. Clean.

The 4-year-old then allegedly became sick and the 12-year-old admitted to her mother that she poisoned him with the substance because her mother loved him more than her.

Deputies reportedly asked the 12-year-old why she poisoned her brother and she replied that it was because her brother was annoying her. Deputies then asked her if it was that or because her mother allegedly loved the brother more. She replied that it was both, the report stated.


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