Local attorney Rick Boling’s name appeared in connection to a film festival in Springfield. But it wasn’t because of his day job in Hopkinsville — it’s because he got bit by the acting bug.

Hollywood South Film Festival 2018 nominated Boling for best supporting actor in the Christian zombie film “The Red Resurrection.”

The movie was made as a way to spread the Word of God to those who normally wouldn’t watch that genre or go to church.

It was the movie’s director, Matt Long, got Boling in front of the camera. The two met at River Church in Nortonville, where Boling attends, and Long is the media pastor.

Filming went from March to November 2016 on nights and weekends. Boling said they had to reschedule a few of his scenes because he had to work late for certain trials.

While the movie took over six months to film, it actually takes place in three days.

“I learned a lot about movies,” Boling said.

He explained that when the filming began in March, the background, such as the trees and grass, looked a certain way. But when they were filming in September, the season was different. So, they had to work around that — often stopping takes to rake away leaves that would come drifting into frame.

Recently, he got a call saying he was nominated for best supporting actor at the festival. Boling said he was shocked because he was only in about a third of the movie.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Wow.”

The attorney said, according to festival rules, there is a specific amount of time an actor has to be in a film in order to be considered for this nomination. Boling didn’t know the exact amount of time required to be nominated, but he feels having been in the film for that short period made it even more special.

He and another actor from “The Red Resurrection” were nominated. They were competing against a third actor from a different film who went on to win the award earlier this month.

Although he didn’t win, Boling said he isn’t going to quit acting. He is only in it for the fun.

Boling joked he will be like Susan Lucci.

“I’ll be nominated, but never win,” he said with a chuckle.

Overall, he said the nomination and playing the role was neat.

“It was an honor I never thought I would ever have,” he said.

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