When Johnny Taing moved from Utah to Dickson, Tenn., he found work at a doughnut shop. He would study the different types of doughnuts and the process of making them.

Soon, he felt confident enough to open his own business: Dickson Donuts.

Hired to work under his brother-in-law was Punnreay Ung, 32.

When Ung and Taing and other family members visited Hopkinsville, they were impressed with the friendliness of the community.

So Ung, who learned the trade at Taing’s Dickson store, decided to open a similar business on North Drive in Hopkinsville.

The doors to Hoptown Donuts will be open in early August. Ung said they are aiming to start serving doughnuts on Aug. 8.

In addition to doughnuts, the business will have biscuit and croissant sandwiches, apple fritters and also kolaches, which are similar to pigs in a blanket. Coffee, juices and other drinks will be available for purchase. The business will offer free Wifi to customers, who can sit at tables or in booths.

Taing said most people think coffee and doughnuts is more of an older person’s meal.

“We wanted to update it for families and for kids,” he said.

The doughnuts will also be fresh, Taing said. Doughnuts will be made about every hour and day-old doughnuts will not be served.

Taing said the doughnuts at Hoptown Donuts will be light on the sugar and heavy on the flavor. They will “melt into your mouth,” he added.

When asked who the better doughnut-maker was, Taing said Ung, who has been working in Dickson for about two years, is better. But Ung disagrees.

“He’s my master,” he said, laughing. Ung’s favorite doughnut to eat is a long John custard doughnut.

Working with Ung will be his sister, Ponleu Ung, and her husband.

The family said they are excited to open a business in this community.

“They deserve to sit and relax,” Taing said.

Reach Melissa Larimore at 270-887-3226 or mlarimore@kentuckynewera.com.



What: Hoptown Donuts

Tentative opening date: Aug. 8

Where: 497 North Drive

Hours: 6 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday, 5 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Contact: 270-887-5777

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