Hopkinsville police have arrested a man allegedly connected to the stray shooting of a west Hopkinsville home last weekend.

Roberto M. Rivas, 21, a soldier, was arrested on a warrant filed by HPD Det. Malcolm Moore for allegedly discharging a high-powered rifle in the direction of a residential area.

He is charged with first-degree wanton endangerment.

Early on the morning of June 8, Charles McKnight, a resident of Bark Ridge Court, called 911 when he heard what he described as an explosion in his home.

Upon investigating the disturbance, McKnight found that a bullet hit his garage, continued through his kitchen wall and cabinet and then finally lodged in a third, inner wall.

McKnight was in another room and was not injured.

“A lot of folks said I was pretty lucky,” McKnight told the New Era earlier this week.

Hopkinsville Police Detectives Tony Sierra and Malcolm Moore visited McKnight’s house Wednesday, searching deeper into his house — even excavating part of the final damaged wall — to find the bullet slug.

But that was just one of at least two gunshots.

Robert Daniel, one of McKnight’s neighbors also witnessed the sound of the gunshots and was thankful his property wasn’t hit by any bullets.

That is until Thursday when four HPD detectives showed up at his house wanting to look at the fence in his backyard.

Upon their inspection, they found another shot had hit Daniel’s wooden fence.

How the detectives knew his fence was hit before he did, Daniel is unsure of. But he assumed it had something to do with the subsequent investigation conducted  Wednesday after they found the slug in McKnight’s wall.

From there, Daniel believes, they were able to begin tracking the path of the shot that hit his fence back to a firing point.

After the detectives wrapped up in his back yard, Daniel said he noticed they were walking around and talking to people in the neighborhoods behind his home.

Rivas’ arrest warrant doesn’t list where he lives or how the detectives connected him to the alleged crime.

He was, however, arrested at a Wilshire Circle residence, which also borders the backside of Bark Ridge Court.

HPD Officer Paul Ray said that it’s too soon to divulge any information on the investigation, especially in a matter that will soon be headed to court.

Daniel is relieved police pursued this incident far enough to arrest someone and hopes they got the right man.

“I just hope this is a one-time thing, not some trend,” Daniel said. “This neighborhood has been around for 20 years. I hope it’s not on the decline.”


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