Rapid Rx

Rapid Rx officially opened their doors to the public Feb. 19 at 2713 Fort Campbell Boulevard at the former location of Wildcat Warehouse.

Rapid Rx Pharmacy recently opened for business on Fort Campbell Boulevard a few months ago, replacing the Wildcat Warehouse.

Rapid Rx officially opened their doors to the public Feb. 19 at 2713 Fort Campbell Boulevard, after signing the lease back in June of last year.

The goal of the Rapid Rx business is to minimize the wait time an individual has while getting their prescription filled. Their goal is to get the costumer’s prescription filled within 15 minutes while other pharmacies take around an hour or more, according to Dr. Maulik Patel, Rapid Rx’s Supervising Pharmacist.

Patel and the Rapid Rx business has another goal of reducing the price of prescriptions to prevent customers from using coupon cards.

“The thing that some people don’t realize is when they use their coupon cards, lower prescription cards, they’re disclosing all their data to that company,” Patel explained. “So, we try to give them a discount from our own prices so they don’t have to disclose their data to that company or a third party.”

Patel explained that they are also trying to fight the opioid crisis. One of their goals is to provide communication between prescribers, the pharmacy, and the patient.

That goal is to prevent the patient from obtaining multiple prescriptions, specifically opioids, from separate doctors and getting them filled at a pharmacy.

“We do what we call Med Sync. We send when we fill prescriptions to the different doctors that a patient is visiting. So, that way the doctors are communicating to each other,” Patel explained. “We are trying to fight the opioid crisis by communicating between prescribers so they know what is going on with the patient.”

Another goal of Rapid Rx is to save the customers’ time and provide care when they need it.

“If you go to urgent care and then [the pharmacy] makes you wait for three hours to get your prescription, then there was no reason for you to go to urgent care. Because you have an emergency is why you go to urgent care. So, our goal is to get the customer fast service,” Patel said.

Patel puts emphasis on their personalized care and service. They want to focus on customer outcomes, making sure the costumers are doing better after taking their medication. Patel also emphasized that he wants to build a relationship with the community.

He explained that he wants customers to know him by his name and he wants to know them by theirs. Patel continued explaining that he chose to move to Hopkinsville because he wanted to open his pharmacy in a community that needed it.

“I wanted to move here and do something in the town that really needed it. I could have gone to bigger cities and do this but, I wanted to go to a town where I see the opportunity to help the people — not for the money. You can open a pharmacy anywhere and make money,” Patel commented.

“So, we started doing research and it turned out that yes, this town does need a pharmacy. Where people can rely on and get better help,” he continued.

Rapid Rx implements a credit system in which patients that are on fixed incomes, on Medicaid, etc. can get their prescriptions filled and pay the pharmacy the money they owe when they have the money to do so.

Rapid Rx is looking to hire more pharmacy technicians in the near future.

Patel looks forward to a grand opening that will be presented by the Chamber of Commerce later this summer.

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