A spokesman with Jennie Stuart Medical Center said 11 students, a bus monitor and the driver, who were taken to the hospital following a school bus wreck Monday morning, have been treated and released.

A school bus hit a deer Monday morning on Madisonville Road. Initially, nine students and the bus monitor, Deshonda Adams, were taken from the scene of the wreck to the hospital. The students attend Crofton Elementary School.

Jim Goss, a spokesman with the hospital, said two other students and the bus driver, Kenneth Buckner, also stopped by the hospital to get checked out Monday.

The 11 students, the bus monitor and the driver were treated and released the same day, Goss said.

The bus was going north on Madisonville Road, near Covered Wagon Road, when it hit the deer. The bus then struck a guard rail and traveled about 150 feet along the guard rail before coming to a stop, Christian County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Head said.

Nine children and the bus monitor were taken to Jennie Stuart Medical Center with minor injures, said Heather Aubin, spokeswoman for the school district.

She said school officials told her the students’ injuries were mostly small scrapes and bruises.

“We just wanted to get them checked out by the professionals,” Aubin said.

Aubin said the parents of the students were allowed to pick them up at the hospital after the children were cleared by medical professionals.

Aubin also gave Buckner credit for keeping the bus on the road and preventing more serious injuries.

The deer was killed.

John Godsey contributed to this report.

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