A pair local girls have always wanted to run a lemonade stand.

“I was thinking of making one,” 9-year-old Rachel Williams said.

“I was always asking,” her 7-year-old sister Kaitlyn said. “Dad finally made it for me.”

“For us,” Rachel interjected.

Kaitlyn added that her wish came true. It’s called “The Little Lemonade Stand.”

Before noon Thursday on Roney Drive, they had raised $11.28. They were selling lemonade and iced almond cookies for a quarter each.

The lemonade is made out of real lemon juice and real sugar. Rachel added they also used real water.

Their mother said some people donated a little extra money.

The plan was to pool all the money Rachel, Kaitlyn and their other two sisters, 4-year-old Amelia and 1-year-old Eleanor, had to make the stand a reality. Then they were going to use it to earn money, which would be spent on some ice cream at Brenda’s Snack Shack.

They had about $13 to begin with. All of that was spent at the Dollar Tree to make the stand. Their dad, Barry, built the stand out of an old pallet. The two older girls helped saw and hammer.

The girls also wanted it to be known that the stand was decorated with their own stuffed animals.

Their parents only had to spring for lemons and sugar. They didn’t quite have enough for that.

Kaitlyn and Rachel said The Little Lemonade Stand will return. The next date will be announced on a poster near their home.

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