Hopkinsville police on Monday identified 68-year-old Tommie Summers as the shooter in a murder-suicide on Hillaire Drive.

According to police, Summers shot his wife, Linda, 67, and their son, Brian, 38, before taking his own life Saturday. Tommie and Linda Summers were pronounced dead at their home. Brian Summers was rushed to Jennie Stuart Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

Tommie, Linda and Brian Summers were found by another son, Kenneth Summers, who arrived at the house around 9:45 a.m. and called for help. Uncertain if the shooter was still active, officers surrounded the house. Once police found the bodies inside, they allowed emergency personnel into the house.

The bodies were removed from the home around 2:15 p.m. Saturday. Autopsies were conducted Sunday in Madisonville.

Police are still trying to determine Tommie Summers’ motive in the shooting. With Summers dead, Hopkinsville Police Department spokesman Paul Ray said it will be hard to determine his reason for shooting his wife and son. Police are still looking for a motive, though.

One neighbor, John Kelly, said Summers would let him borrow tools from his garage, which Summers always left open to his neighbors. Kelly also said that, when he moved into the house in October, Tommie Summers came over and told them about their home’s potential to flood and ways to avoid it.

Another neighbor, John Hoover, has lived across the street from Summers for 16 years. While they were never close, he said Summers always seemed like a kind man, often waving when he saw Hoover across the street.

Brian Summers lived with his parents. Hoover said Linda Summers suffered a stroke and her husband spent much of his time caring for her.

Police have been called to the residence at least three times in the past month for incidents related to Brian Summers’ behavior, Hoover said. He recalled one instance in which Brian Summers was pulling a couch behind a truck and police were called to check on the situation. Hoover indicated Brian may have had some form of mental illness.

In Facebook posts about the incident, some users indicated Tommie Summers had recently been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Others said he was distraught over the possibility of having no one to care for his wife and son.

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What a sad situation. The surviving son is probably going through a very dark time losing his entire family. My prayers are with the family.. All of them. I pray for their souls.. I didn't know them but for the rest of this survivors life at the holidays he will carry the weight of this tragedy.. I just can't relate to this but when backed against a wall when it seems there is no way out, people go to the point of no return pretty quickly...They need Jesus in their life.. That is the quick answer and the long answer can be found in the Bible... Which stands for....Basic instructions before leaving earth!!!


is that all u are worried about??? what about the people who died??

Turkey Trot
Turkey Trot

Dang! They shot the dog! [sad]