Brewery Opening Sept. 3

The Hopkinsville Brewing Company is opening its doors for a grand opening on Sept. 3. The public is welcome to stop by to check out the newly-renovated building on East Fifth Street, taste the beers and enjoy lunch at a food truck. Outdoor seating will also be available. The grand opening is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A slew of new laws will go into effect in Kentucky on Saturday. An act relating to microbreweries was signed by Governor Bevin in March of this year. To be categorized as a microbrewery, the business cannot produce more than 50,000 barrels of malt beverage in one year.

The new microbrewery law increases the amount of beer that microbreweries can sell. They can now sell three cases and two kegs of beer per customer. They can also sell at least one case of beer per customer at fairs and festivals in wet jurisdictions.

The owners of Hopkinsville Brewing Company are excited about the changes. Though the brewery doesn’t sell a lot of kegs at the moment, having the ability to sell a large quantity of beer in the future is promising.

“Every now and then we will have someone who wants to buy a keg for a party or a wedding,” said co-owner Kate Irving. “Now we will actually be able to do that.”

If the local brewery expands in the future, Irving sees the law as a major asset.

The new law also allows the brewing company to serve more alcohol to patrons. In the past, if a patron had a couple pints of beer and wanted to fill a growler or cans to take home, those drafts would have to be subtracted from the overall amount of beer purchased to stay under the legal selling limit. Now that is not the case.

Sampling draft beers will also change statewide. Previously, sampling draft beers would cost money. Now patrons can legally sample beers for free. This will cut down on people ordering beers that they don’t like, and the amount of beer wasted. Microbreweries are always trying new recipes and it’s hard to see those go to waste.

“It’s just so sad to pour a beer down the drain,” said Irving.

Hopkinsville Brewing Company is a vibrant part of a growing downtown. The new law could help the brewery grow and keep serving beer to the community long in the future.


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