A man who’s serving time for aggravated robbery in Tennessee had all the charges against him in Christian County dropped Tuesday much to the dismay of the prosecutor.

D’Angelo Marquez Jenkins, 26, Clarksville, was indicted on two counts of attempted murder in the 2005 shooting of Jervone Robinson and LoQuan Jackson. However, according to court records, Jackson might have shot himself.

Additionally, Jenkins was charged with wanton endangerment because police believe a stray round that went through Penny and Ethan Brumwell’s trailer while Penny Brumwell was feeding her infant son came from Jenkins’ gun.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Lynn Pryor made a motion before Christian Circuit Judge John Atkins to drop the charges as the alleged victims, witnesses and the former lead detective in the case all refused to testify for various reasons.

Pryor said Robinson, Jackson and the Brumwells all moved out of state. Pryor added that Robinson, on the advice of his doctor, refused to testify because the shooting was so traumatic that he has memory problems, issues with post-traumatic stress syndrome and still carries the bullet from the shooting in his pelvis.

Pryor said Jackson was last heard to be living in Washington state, but the commonwealth was unable reach him.

Additionally, one of the witnesses, who was in the Army at the time of the shooting, has since been reassigned from Fort Campbell, and the former Oak Grove detective who headed the case also moved away from the area, Pryor said.

All those moves made securing direct testimony from the major players in the prosecution’s case problematic for Pryor.

“The case just crumbled apart,” she conceded.

According to court documents, Robinson claimed Jackson set him up to be shot. Investigators believe Jackson and Robinson drove to a trailer park on Stateline Drive where Jackson met up with four people in a white car, one of whom was Jenkins.

According to the documents, Jackson motioned for Robinson to get out of the car and join the group at which time Jenkins allegedly shot Robinson.

Jackson also sustained a gunshot wound to the mouth, but doctors at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital later said his wound was likely self-inflicted. Jackson had a clean, upward-gaping hole through his upper front lip, which the doctors said came from “a gun pointing upward in the face.”

Doctors’ added that he had gunpowder burns on his face and forehead, which were consistent with a self-inflicted head shot. Statements made to police suggest that Jenkins, Robinson and the others were at least 4 to 6 feet away from Jackson was he was shot.

Court documents also detail how Jackson gave conflicting statements to police about what happened. According to the records, he could not explain how he got shot through the mouth, and he told investigators Jenkins and Robinson belonged to rival gangs.

“What can you do if no one is willing to come forward to testify?” Pryor said. “It seemed the best course was to drop charges and send (Jenkins) back to prison in Tennessee.”

Jenkins is scheduled to be released in 2017.


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