The Editor, New Era,

I keep hearing about Mitt Romney not identifying with the common man. If the common man has no integrity, then I can see that, because Romney is a man with plenty of integrity who can identify with any other man of integrity. Is it better to stoop to street fighting and insults to win the race, or to lose the race and maintain your integrity? Even his own party wants him to take off the gloves and fight as dirty as the other party is doing. So much for honesty and integrity.

I would like to put it another way. If the Democratic Party wins the 2012 election after almost four years of secrecy, broken promises, name-calling, brow-beating and dirty politics, we will all know that the American people have lost all honor and integrity and don’t deserve to survive as a country, let alone a world leader.

Maybe politics has been reduced to sleaze and self-interest, just as our morals and social structure seem to be slipping toward the same lack of moral substance. We spout about our freedoms, but that appears to be freedom for ME and those who agree with ME, not freedoms for all. The radical Islamist’s call for “death to the infidel” has become familiar to our ears. Since infidel is anyone who does not believe in Mohammad, the infidel for the far left, or right, is anyone who doesn’t believe as they believe.

I still identify with the pendulum of a clock. You look from the middle then swing to each side in order to see the problems fully to get the job done, and solve them from the best angle.

Politics should be ideas where the workability is still questionable. They should not become edicts or mandates until they prove to provide a firm foundation. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution gave us a firm foundation, but the current form of politics appears to want to kick that foundation from under us. You should never try to remove a foundation unless you have something stronger with which to replace it.

Ann Pitts

Hopkinsville, Ky.

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