HENDERSON, Ky. — Christian County football coach Steve Lovelace gave his thoughts on the day’s 7-on-7 competitions and how these type of drills can help his team.

“For us it’s just going against somebody different,” he said. “Putting in a new offense with a new coordinator, new quarterback and new skill guys you know it’s different. It allows us to compete against somebody else and put it on film so our guys can go back and watch it.”

With more and more high schools incorporating spread formations into their offenses, 7-on-7 drills have become commonplace for teams to get a chance to air it out, work on route running and become more familiar with play recognition.

“I miss doing it back in June where I already had my coverages and our passing game, where right now you’re trying to put everything in,” Lovelace said. “There’s still people that are going to spread it and I think this helps defense wise including coverages.”

With the season just a little less than a month away, Lovelace said it is difficult to get a read on his team at this point in the summer.

“You can’t tell until you get your pads on,” Lovelace said. “Right now we just want to evaluate what we got and the skill part of it.”

County joins Hoptown and Trigg County Saturday at McCracken County for more 7-on-7 competition.

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