Late last month the final deer harvest records for the 2012-13 deer season in Kentucky were released by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Christian County ranks in the top five counties for deer harvests last year.

According to the KDFWR records, hunters in Christian County harvested 2,705 deer, including 1,305 bucks and 1,402 females.

Of those, 372 were taken during archery season, 2,009 in firearm, 267 during muzzleloader season and 57 in crossbow.

The top county for deer harvests in Kentucky continues to be Owen.

In that county, 3,751 deer were harvested with 1,838 males taken and 1,913 females harvested.

Crittenden County saw 3,010 deer harvested with 1,433 being male and 1,577 being female.

Third on the list was Pendleton County where 2,967 deer were harvested. Of those, 1,541 bucks were taken and 1,426 females were harvested.

Graves County was fourth with 2,945 deer harvested, including 1,350 males and 1,595 females taken.

In the southern Pennyrile, Caldwell County saw 1,479 deer taken. Of those, 755 were male and 724 were female. Most of those came during the firearm season with 1,162 harvested. During archery season, 151 were taken, while 140 were taken during muzzleloader and 26 were harvested by crossbow.

Trigg County saw 1,531 deer harvested with 809 being male and 722 being female.

Trigg hunters took 1,065 during the firearms season with 296 taken during archery, 141 in muzzleloader and 29 in crossbow.

Todd County saw 1,322 deer harvested with 680 being male and 642 being female. Of those, 1010 were taken during firearms season, while 195 were taken in archery, 104 in muzzleloader and 13 by crossbow.

In nearby Hopkins County, 2,074 deer were harvested, including 1,110 males and 964 females.

Across the state it was a record harvest with 131,388 whitetails harvested. Of those, 56 percent were male and 44 percent female.

The 2012-13 number broke the previous record harvest of 124, 752 in the 2004-05 season.

Archery hunters shot 18,705 deer, which is the fourth straight year a record has been set. Firearms hunters took 12,249 more deer than last year.

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