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Officer Shawn Young of the Cadiz Police Department (right) shakes hands with Cadiz Police Chief Duncan E. Wiggins. Young recently received a Police Life Saving Award after saving the life of a local student in a choking incident.

Officer Shawn Young of the Cadiz Police Department has been recognized for using life-saving measures to help a student during an incident last month in the school cafeteria.

“A failure to act or after-action delay could have led to a tragic outcome,” Cadiz Police Chief Duncan E. Wiggins noted in a press release of Young’s quick response during the incident in the cafeteria at Trigg County Middle School.

In recognition of his actions, Young received a Police Life Saving Award on Nov. 17 at the police department.

The incident occurred on Oct. 29 in the school cafeteria when a student experienced an obstructed airway.

“Officer Young was able to access the problem and provide life-saving measures by giving abdominal thrusts, clearing the obstruction,” Wiggins explained in the press release.

“The child’s breathing was restored, and an assessment by the school nurse was completed,” he continued.

Wiggins further noted that Young’s quick response, his recognition of the medical emergency, immediate actions and follow-up assessment resulted in the student’s life being saved.

Young came on board with the department earlier this year as a school resource officer for the Trigg County Public Schools.

His response to the choking student occurred during his regular duties with the school system, and in recognition of that action, he received a ribbon that he’ll wear on his dress uniform.

Wiggins said the award also came with a letter that was signed by the police chief and Cadiz Mayor Todd King.

“Very rarely does this ever happen,” the police chief noted. “And when we (see) that action of an officer being exemplary, obviously we’re going to recognize that.”

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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