Brent T. Spurlin - Democrat

58, Haddenmill Rd. Elkton Ky,


How long have you lived in the community?

All my life ,58 years


What organizations are you involved with, including how long and roles?

List civic groups, charities, churches, etc... and any leadership roles you've served (i.e. Salvation Army board member from 2003-present - treasurer, past-president).

Former Elkton rotary ,City county park board . Currently Todd county health board , Calvary Baptist church as deacon , sunday school teacher , Todd county camp of Gideons International .


Tell us about your professional experience.

Retail management over 20 years


Tell us about your education.

Graduate Todd Central High 1977


What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

My family, my wife Carmen my daughters Lindsey Monroe , & Shelbie Stokes , & last but not least my 4 grandchildren Ada Beth , Calvin , Ellison, & Grace . Also my more than 20 years of community service as an Elkton city councilman & Todd County dist. 4 magistrate .


What are the two biggest problems facing the community/county?

Please be brief and direct. Preferably answers that relate to the office you are seeking and how you will address them.

Industry/jobs . Continue to support the recruitment of new industries & jobs for Todd co. Also supporting law enforcement to address the ongoing drug problem . Also to support our health dept. as they address health issues in our county . The upcoming budget for the county due to ongoing health care & retirement cost .


What are your biggest campaign issues/goals?

The ongoing airport issue and getting that resolved , as well as continuing

 to see that the county continues to move forward in the absence of an elected judge executive . This will be done through working with the other magistrates and appointed judge


Why should someone vote for you?

I have always tried to keep the best interest of all the citizens of Todd county in mind as I have made decisions that affect them . I have more than 20 years of service . I am always accessable to each and everyone .

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