When you experience the loss of a loved one, the Kentucky New Era online and printed obituary pages can help you convey important information, establish a permanent record and create a lasting tribute.

The Kentucky New Era offers complimentary and ‘paid/custom’ obituaries.

Basic obituaries are published free of charge, providing there is an obvious connection to our coverage area. These are written by the funeral home in the KNE free obituary format. All other obituaries will be considered paid/custom. 

Paid/Custom are available to clients who want to share more than the basic details in an obituary offering families the opportunity to memorialize their loved ones in their own words. In a personalized obituary, you can share thoughts about your loved one by writing about the personality, the relationships, the interests and the associations that distinguished his or her life.

How we handle obituaries

We only accept obituaries (complimentary and ‘paid/custom’) from funeral homes, cremation societies or comparable entities that are in charge of arrangements. We do not accept obituary information directly from family members except when no funeral professionals are involved. In such circumstances, we must confirm the death through an independent source such a coroner, police or a minister.

Paid/Custom obituaries

Paid/Custom obituaries are billed to the funeral homes. Those funeral homes outside of the Kentucky New Era coverage area that don't have accounts set up will be expected to pay in advance of publication with a credit card.

Custom obituaries are published word-for-word without any style changes or editing. These are charged $11 per column inch with a minimum $75 charge.  Average custom obituary charges range from $75 to $100 which consist up to 175 words without a photo and 150 words with a photo.

For more elaborate Paid/Custom obituaries utilizing more photos, color, etc. should contact the advertising department at 270-887-3270 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to discuss options.


There is a $15 charge to include a photo in the complimentary obituaries. There are no additional charges for ‘Paid/Custom’ obituaries to include a photograph.

Death Notices

A Death notice is published at no charge when complete funeral services have not been arranged.

Submission of obituaries

Ø  All obituaries whether complimentary or ‘paid/custom’ must be received through a funeral home.

Ø  The means of submission is via e-mail to obits@kentuckynewera.com. These are written by the funeral home in the KNE free obituary format. All other obituaries will be considered paid/ custom.

Ø  Any charges relating to a published obituary are billed and / or paid by the funeral home.

Ø  To insure timeliness, obituaries should be sent prior to 3:00 p.m. weekdays.

Ø  The Kentucky New Era will do its best to get obituaries received after 3:00, over the weekend or on holidays published and / or uploaded to the web site, but could be delayed to the next publishing day.

Contact information

-          Jon Russelburg, Editor who oversees all obits

o    (270-887-3241 / jrusselburg@kentuckynewera.com)

-         Traci Rodgers, advertising assistant

o    (270-887-3270 / trodgers@kentuckynewera.com)

-         Office location, 713 S. Main St., Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Misc. Information

Mistakes or omissions: The Kentucky New Era will re-print obituaries if there is a mistake or omission. If the mistake/omission is the newspaper's fault, the re-print is free. If the mistake/omission is the fault of the funeral home or family, the cost is $5.50 per column inch, which is half price of a ‘paid/custom’ obituary.

Veteran obituaries: The Kentucky New Era will utilize the American flag in its complimentary obituaries so long as it is noted in the information received.

Out-of-town funeral homes: Funeral homes outside of the Kentucky New Era’s coverage area should call 270-886-3241 Monday through Friday before 3 p.m. Information can be sent to obits@kentuckynewera.com. Any charges relating to a published obituary must be paid for in advance.


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