Paige Eli Parker, 43, of West Riverwood Drive, Hopkinsville — Democrat

Below are the candidate's direct responses to the following questions:

How long have you lived in the community?

I have lived in Hopkinsville all my life

What organizations are you involved with, including how long and roles?

Active Member of First United Methodist in Hopkinsville where I serve as Daycare Committee Chair, Member of Hopkinsville Kiwanis, served on Ambush Soccer Association Board, Team Manager for Ambush Soccer Teams, Co-Chair for UHA Spring Fling Fundraiser, and have been active in all schools my children have attended (Millbrooke, CCMS, and UHA).

Tell us about your professional experience.

I have worked in the Circuit Court Clerks Office and for District Court Judges in Christian District Court for over 22 years.  I have extensive knowledge of AOC Accounting Practices, KY Courts Case Management Systems, JAVS Audio Recording Systems, and Courtroom Procedures.  I was selected by my peers to be the contact in Christian County for all court interpreting services.  I have maintained working relationships with our local bar association, other court of justice agencies, and judges and their staff all across the purchase region. 

I am a former small business owner of Backyard Bouncers, LLC. I performed multiple duties to include supervising employees, scheduling events, organizing and managing our operating budget.

Tell us about your education.

1993 Graduate of Christian County High School, I also attended Murray State University and Hopkinsville Community College.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

Personally, my greatest accomplishment would be my two daughters. 

Professionally, my greatest accomplishment is having the opportunity to run to be your Circuit Court Clerk.

What are the two biggest problems facing the community/county?

In the Circuit Clerks Office, we are mandated by the policies and procedures of AOC and the KY Supreme Court to maintain and preserve court records and state monies.  The clerks office is there for public service, helping those in our community figure out where to go and what they need to do while at the same time being courteous and respectful.

What are your biggest campaign issues/goals?

I will Lead by Example, working alongside staff in the office and courtrooms

I will Cross Train Staff so we are always ready and available to assist your needs

I will advocate for all deputies and the technology we use

Ultimate Goal is the positive changes within reflect our public service to Christian County.  We will work as a Team.

Why should someone vote for you?

I am not a politician but rather a Democratic Candidate running to be your Circuit Court Clerk based solely on my own merit.  I have the necessary Qualifications, Experience and Dedication to the position I am seeking because I have actually worked in the job for over 22 years.   No one has ever had the opportunity to choose someone for this office.  Your Kentucky tax dollars go to help pay for our state salaries so I would hope you would choose someone with the knowledge and expertise to be able to do the work but also serve Christian County with integrity and kindness. 

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