by Bryan Edwards

New Era Sports Writer

Flag Football is typically associated with youth sports, but a company is opening the doors of flag football and maybe more to Hopkinsville and the surrounding areas.

World Elite Sports is starting a men's flag football league in Hopkinsville and plans to build from there.

Jameson Smith, CEO of World Elite Sports, said flag football is the start of something more coming soon and got his idea from living and playing in leagues in Nashville.

"Right now, we're just starting with flag football, but we're hoping to expand later down the line," Smith said. "I'm originally from Hopkinsville and I've been living in Nashville for over 30 years. I've been playing flag football down here and I noticed a lot of guys from the Clarksville area and Fort Campbell area that come all the way down to Nashville just to play some adult sports ... That's why I'm planning on moving back to Hopkinsville at the end of this year and I thought that would be a great thing to start."

The company is in its beginning stages, but Smith has a goal in mind and is hopeful to achieve it.

"Our ultimate goal is to be well represented in the western Kentucky area as far as being a main establishment for competitive flag football," he said.

Smith has a lot of ideas for WES and its future, but is focused on making the flag football league the best it can be before expanding into other leagues. He also said flag football is something unique and something Hopkinsville and the surrounding areas would enjoy doing.

"I knew that around that area you still have a lot of softball and basketball that's going on right now, but there wasn't anything like flag football," he said. "When I tell people that I play, they say, 'Man, that's so interesting. We would sure like to have something like that around our area.' So that's why we decided to come in with flag football to start off with. It seems like it's in pretty good demand.

"There's also going to be kickball in the future -- that's something we envision. Basketball as well down the line and probably even soccer."

For the upcoming flag football season that begins June 23, those interested can either register a full team or as an individual. Team registration is $450 while you can join yourself for $63 per person. Registration ends Monday.

Outside of registration, there aren't any fees for equipment. Smith said all equipment will be on hand for every game.

"We supply all the equipment except for the actual football," he said. "We supply all the flags, all the field markers, the referees and stuff like that. All you do is come and play."

Smith is hoping Hopkinsville isn't the only location his company will be located. He hopes to have many leagues across all of western Kentucky.

"Our first step is to get as established as we can in Hopkinsville," Smith said. "We'll be moving to establish other areas like Paducah and Bowling Green; other areas like that."

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