Christian County Public Schools announced that masking would remain optional for students and staff in school facilities and at extracurricular events a day before showing 218 active cases of COVID-19 on the reporting dashboard Friday.

Of those, 187 were students and 31 was staff and faculty. There was also 505 students who were quarantined after a school acquired close contact.

In accordance with federal transportation mandates, students will continue to be required to wear face masks on school buses.

According to a press release, CCPS officials continue to review COVID-related metrics daily to determine the COVID-safety protocols for its student community. This includes: community incident rates; district incident rates; district quarantine numbers; and local hospital capacity. Based on these metrics, CCPS will revisit the mask guidelines and COVID-safety protocols as necessary.

“Christian County Public Schools will continue to follow all other mitigation efforts including hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces,” District Health Director Megan Kidd said in the press release. “We encourage our students to stay home if they feel sick or if they have COVID symptoms. Student families should check with their family doctor regarding COVID tests and vaccinations.”

Families with specific concerns or accommodation requests should reach out to their student’s school.

“We intend to continue to offer premier education to students in-person, five days per week with optional mask-wearing,” CCPS superintendent Chris Bentzel said in the press release. “We ask families of students who feel sick to stay home. Families can work with us and our school leaders regarding homework and attendance concerns as we continue to create a healthy and engaging environment for students to grow to their full potential.”

CCPS will continue to administer the Test to Stay program for school-acquired close contact students and staff. Student families should reach out to their respective schools for details about this program. The CCPS community is strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. For more information about COVID vaccinations, consult your local physician or the Christian County Health Department.

Wild Health is offering free COVID vaccinations to residents 5 years and older on Jan. 26, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Christian County High School, 220 Glass Avenue, Hopkinsville.

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