Bradley Keith Powell

Date of Birth *

42, Lack Rd. Elkton


How long have you lived in the community?

I am a native of Todd County and the son of Dan and Joy Powell. I have been happily married to my wife Joyce, daughter of Billy and Nancy Laster, for 21 years. We have two boys, Weston who is thirteen, and Carson, who is ten.


What organizations are you involved with, including how long and roles?

16 year Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Served as Pastor of Living Word Fellowship for 3 years

Currently the Sunday school superintendent at Believers Tabernacle

Member of the Elkton Rotary Club & Rotary International

Board of Directors at Blount Rural Health Center

Former officer and current member of the Kentucky Association of Directors of Nursing Administrators

2012 President of the Kentucky Association of Nursing Students

FEMA Emergency Management Certified

Glenn Shephard Seminar in Leadership Certified


Tell us about your professional experience.

I have been the Director of Nursing at Hearthstone Place in Elkton since May of 2012. As Director of Nursing, I supervise 50-plus employees. I use education, in-servicing, and cross training to ensure the highest standards of patient care. I work one on one with residents and families to resolve any concerns to maintain their satisfaction. I have been heavily involved with the implementation of electronic medical records, and electronic quality assurance programs. I also oversee the budget, supplies, and expenditures in the nursing department.


Tell us about your education.

Include dates when any degrees or training/certifications were completed.

I am a 1994 graduate of Todd County Central High School. I earned a degree in criminal justice, and then went on to achieve a degree in nursing as a registered nurse.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

      I believe that my greatest accomplishment in life is my family. I have been happily married to my wife Joyce for 21 years. We have two wonderful boys that are very active in church, sports, and music. Like many families today, we have faced many trials and adversities in life, but by the grace of God, through them all we have grown closer and stronger as a family. I try to always see the good in people and relate to their situation, whatever it may be, so that I can encourage them to press on and overcome the obstacles they face.

     On a professional level, I believe that where there is a will there is a way, and being an outside of the box thinker, helps me to accomplish task that are very challenging. A leader is only as good as the people they are surrounded by, so when I became the Director of Nursing at Hearthstone Place, I encouraged the staff to take ownership of their positions, I pushed them to believe in their work and to take pride in their work. I was able to hire great people to fill open positions and I had high expectations of them. I am proud to say, that each staff member stepped up to the challenge and as a team, we have accomplished great things at Hearthstone. The love that my team shows for each other and the ones that they care for is amazing, and over the last five years we were able to reach the high mark of becoming a 5 star facility.


What are the two biggest problems facing the community/county?

While speaking to people in the community, there have been several concerns that keep coming up, those concerns are the lack of electronic payment options, the lack of electronic public records, and the timeliness on the completion of some task in the office.


What are your biggest campaign issues/goals?

If elected as your Todd County Clerk, it is my goal to meet the needs of the citizens conducting business in the office through exceptional customer service. I plan to incorporate electronic payment options, electronic public records, and ensure the cross training of office personnel so that your needs can be met in a timely, productive manner.


Why should someone vote for you?

I am a very dedicated, trustworthy, public servant who is passionate about what I do. As you conduct your business in the clerks office, I will do my very best to ensure that your experience is a positive one. You will be greeted with a handshake and a smile as we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

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