Franklin Pollard Sr., 39, Hopkinsville — Independent


How long have you lived in the community?

born and raised


What organizations are you involved with, including how long and roles?

I currently attend Journey church. One role I am proud of over any other, is being certified in teaching our entire school district, in the past few years, the A.L.I.C.E training/active shooter awareness/live drills. This opened a lot of eyes in our school staff, and will carry into the future, for one of the top issues, in our country right now.


Tell us about your professional experience.

I started working with the recreation dept out of high school and switched to the police dept. I have worked for the city of hopkinsville for over 22 years. I have been heavily involved in working in the schools for the past 6 years, and retiring with a full career, as  a 39 year old. I am definitely young and motivated for a long future.


Tell us about your education.

I graduated hopkinsville high school in 1996 and went to work for the city right after. I will not list every single training that I have been through in 22 years. That does not make a leader. We lead by example, even if we stumbled along the way, it is about showing others how to avoid what we experienced.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

First of all, understanding Jesus Christ as our savior, knowing it is needed more and more, has been my life changer in the past few years. Second, I have the best two kids on this earth, ages 15 and 11, that I am proud to tell anyone, I raised as a single dad, with RESPECT and MANNERS, by Old School Discipline, and teaching them right/wrong. My third greatest moment will be my retirement date on May 1 of this year. I have been through many ups and downs, learned from tons of personal choices, mistakes, and to make it to this day, I am truly honored and blessed. I owe my career to the discipline of my parents, Robbie and Dorothy Pollard, and my first ever boss, Pam DeBow. (In memory of pops and Pam)


What are the two biggest problems facing the community/county?

The education, lack of discipline, in our youth and being released into adulthood of Christian county, contributing to crime rate, and then the drug problem, to be simply put


What are your biggest campaign issues/goals?

Number One is to raise awareness to our county on the behavior of our schools that lead to street crime, and the needed improvements of discipline NOW. Second, I want to continue improving cultural awareness and togetherness throughout our community. Another goal is to make people  aware of who I am and how I approach things, in being open with/to the entire county.


Why should someone vote for you?

I will start by saying, there has been a Pollard, through three generations, in law enforcement in Christian County, starting with my grandfather, Alvis, at HPD in 1959, then my uncle at ECC, another uncle, that worked at Oak Grove PD, that was taken from us before his time, and now I have continued this tradition into the 69th straight year now, until I retire in May. (Hopefully short retirement.) I am one of the few candidates, involving anything, not to mention politics, that will tell you my past mistakes. Folks have asked for my work records, complaints against me, or whatever they want to find. I put my life on Facebook, (Franklin Pollard), as I decided to run. I have made really dumb/terrible mistakes and hurt a lot of people close to me in my past ignorance. It has made me who I am today, in letting you, the people, know this--"I OWE NOBODY A DIME OR ANY FAVORS." 

I am debt free and favor free, and I will answer everyone with all the truth I know, although it may/will hurt some feelings. I am no politician, never have been, and will not pretend to be. I show you better than I can tell you. I want you all to understand, I am running as an Independent. I do not believe 100 percent in either way, for the democratic or republican perception, that is really strained in our country.

I want to bring everyone together and take the best ideas from both sides, in what should apply to us as a Sheriff Department. So remember, I am not on ballots in May.  But, in November, all parties can vote for me, no matter your registration.

I am not applying for this job, for money/financial gain/reasons. As I mentioned, I am retiring happily, but, if I am fortunate enough to be in office, I have already pledged, on my Facebook page, as I will further detail in forums/debates, to donate 10 percent of my sheriff’s salary, all four years, no matter the amount, to go to our county-wide school Resource Centers. This helps our youth get the things needed on a daily basis, whether it is personal or school needs, and in no way, goes to the board, just directly spent on our students.I am about the community, and I do thank you all for your interests, hope to see everyone soon.

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