The Trigg County School Board reviewed the responses to the Return to Work/School survey that was sent out last month, during its virtual meeting June 25.

Parents, students, school employees and community members were invited to participate in the survey regarding returning to school in August.

Superintendent Bill Thorpe said 83% of the responses came from parents of students within the school district. Of those responses, 639 parents said they would send their children to school in August, 59 said no and 244 said they were not sure.

“I thought we had a really good response to the survey,” Thorpe said. “Of about 2,000 students, we had almost half of the parents respond.”

Of the parents who said their children would not be returning, 51 said they would participate in a virtual classroom program and 226 of the parents who were not sure said they would participate in a virtual program.

Thorpe told the board there were concerns over internet access for many students if a virtual classroom program was offered to students. The school district administration plans to discuss how to move forward with the start of school at a retreat next week.

In other news, the board approved Board Policies for the 2021 Fiscal Year and approved the purchase of storage units for the Trigg County Band room.

The new storage units will be installed by band director Andrew Mroch, which will save the school about $11,000. The units will be purchased with FNB Spirit Card money. The FNB Spirit Card money comes from bank customers that use the spirit debit card. For each debit transaction that uses one of the cards, the bank donates 10 cents to the school. Trigg County Schools has around $100,000 in the fund to use.

The next meeting of the Trigg County School Board will be at 6 p.m. July 10.

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