Bryant Talks Recreation

Cadiz City Council Member Susan Bryant (foreground) talks about the need for recreational activities with the city limits of Cadiz.

Cadiz City Council Member Susan Bryant said she’d like to see some recreational activities in the city limits, given funds she said the City of Cadiz provides to the Cadiz-Trigg County Parks and Recreation Department.

“I think it’s time that some of the money we send from the food tax is used in the city,” Bryant noted during the council’s meeting on July 6. “They’ve not used a penny in the city.”

She broached the discussion at the recent meeting, noting among other things that Parks and Recreation has built a building, and is now fixing the ball grounds at the recreation complex and developing a disc golf course.

Bryant said she thought the city would see some activities with the formation of the recreation department, and she believes the department’s services should be shared between the city and the county.

“Nothing’s coming here, and all of their finances are coming from the city,” she noted.

Cadiz Mayor Todd King said he agrees that something major is needed inside city limits.

He said he has spoken with representatives of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Bryant said she is going to speak with the Parks and Recreation chairman.

Parks and Recreation was created four years ago with the combined efforts of the city, the county and the Cadiz-Trigg County Tourist and Convention Commission, according to the recreation department’s website.

Cadiz City Clerk Barbie Johnson noted that city officials are wanting to see more things within the city limits of Cadiz simply because the city does fund that department’s director.

Johnson said the recreation complex is where Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Hunter spends most of his time.

He works with his sports teams at the complex and has games there, Johnson said.

But he also does some things in the city, overseeing Junior Pro basketball, for example.

“They are looking at things of a smaller scope,” Johnson said of efforts in the city.

“He does do some things in the city,” she said. “I do think it just really is that we’re just not as knowledgeable (of the things Hunter does) as we need to be,” she said.

“I would hate for something to be put out there that nothing is being done when that really is not the case,” she added.

Johnson noted that Hunter will be providing the city council with regular reports moving forward so the activities of his department will be more visible in the community.

Also at the July 6 meeting, the council shared with Mediacom representative Joe DiJulio of Benton its concerns over losing the WPSD television station, which based in Paducah.

WPSD, which is owned by Paxton Media Group, was removed about a month ago from the Mediacom package that its local customers receive, according to the mayor.

King told DiJulio last week that the city misses the television station, which residents of the community say is their local station.

The mayor said Mediacom is looking into the matter to see what can be done to get the station placed back in the package.

But he said the two companies, Paxton and Mediacom, will have to come to an agreement.

Paxton also owns the Cadiz Record newspaper and the Kentucky New Era.

In other business:

  • Bryant said she’d like for organizers of this year’s Trigg County Country Ham Festival to utilize local entertainment, something that had been discussed earlier as a means to save money on the annual event.
  • Cadiz Police Chief Duncan Wiggins presented a summary of Cadiz Police Department work for June that included the investigation of 56 cases, 26 people who were arrested, responses to 359 calls for service, 26 vehicles that were stopped, 36 citations that were issued and the investigation of 17 traffic collisions.
  • The June income statement for the City of Cadiz totaled $126,543.04.
  • The council approved a motion to surplus three vehicles that will be auctioned during an upcoming auction that likely will involve the city, county and Trigg County School Board.

City Council Member Susie Hendricks expressed appreciation for the efforts of Main Street Director Casey Parrent in decorating the Renaissance Stage for different holidays.

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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