Dear Editor,

First, we would like to thank you for covering the Awaken Protest on June 20.

The Awaken Protest, while mentioning Black Lives Matter, was a way for Cara to bring awareness to systemic racism. She wanted to show how it affects our community though many don’t see it.. She wanted to bring attention to the issues on the national level as well as locally. Her mission was to open community members’ eyes to the big picture, to learn and help improve relations in Cadiz. She wanted the community to fellowship, hear the message and communicate and listen to how melanated members of Trigg County feel about issues here and nationally.

She had local speakers which were not mentioned last week. In addition to Pastor Perry Boyd (who prayed at the beginning of march) Ms. Allen, Mrs. Mary Ann Lander and Donavan Pinner, other speakers were:

Bennie J Smith (a Senate candidate) — about his campaign and played a number on his saxophone.

Mayor Todd King — on how change can start here.

Pastor Perry Greenwade — on having conversations about racism so that we can heal.

Chief Duncan Wiggins — discussed our community and maintaining the positive relations between law enforcement and everyone in Trigg County.

Pastor Randall Evans — gave remarks and closing prayer for unity for Trigg County.

THANK YOU to the hundreds of people who participated and those who donated food, water and time to make this a success! Trigg County showed up and showed so much love and support.

By LaTrita Russell

Cadiz, KY

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