Removing Lee statue at Murry State University

What is wrong with our governor and the assistant coach at Murray State?

The coach wants to remove a plaque of Robert E. Lee in Murray. The coach should coach the football team and win more games instead of trying to remove plaques of American History heroes.

Our governor wants to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis from the Capitol.

Both of these people were American heroes.

The next thing the governor might try to do is remove the statue of Abe Lincoln and Henry Clay. He also will try to tear down the Jefferson Davis Monument in Todd County.

Our governor should try to help the state, not push to remove statues.

Two of our former presidents, Washington and Thomas Jefferson, did something wrong — they owned slaves, but are the people going to take down their statues on Mount Rushmore. I don’t think so.

Is the Governor of Virginia going to remove the picture of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia? I don’t think so.

Our Governor needs to wake up and quit trying to change history.

Gary Curtis

Cadiz, KY

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