Emergency Management Director David Bryant says he’s gotten a positive response to the county’s new emergency alert system.

“I’ve had several already sign up,” Bryant noted of Hyper-Reach, which was implemented just a few weeks ago in the local community.

The county has switched from the Code Red system it had in the past to Hyper-Reach, and anyone who signed up previously for Code Red will now need to re-register with Hyper-Reach.

Bryant said the new system offers more options and is less expensive than Code Red.

He also noted that there were some issues with Code Red, which Bryant said the county had probably used for about a decade.

“It was not sending out alerts correctly or even at all, at times,” the emergency director said.

Bryant said the new Hyper-Reach system covers the whole county; it has the same capabilities as the other system, and users can register a smart device with the system, i.e., their cell phone, television or computer, or even a device like Alexa or Echo Dot, for example.

“(The alerts) can come to people through a variety of devices,” he observed. “You can decide which device you want it to come to.”

The county can also send its own alerts in some instances, and with the new Hyper-Reach system, it has the ability to send alerts to the whole county or to a portion of the county.

The system sends alerts in a variety of emergency situations, including everything from floods and fires to public health alerts, severe weather and criminal activity in the community.

Bryant noted that Hyper-Reach is one tool residents can turn to during emergencies, but he also urged that people should not just rely on the emergency alert system; he said they need multiple ways to get information in emergencies.

That way, if there’s an error in the alert system, families will have a back-up plan.

One suggestion he offered: a weather radio.

Bryant said several people signed up in the past to receive emergency alerts, and he hopes even more people will sign up with Hyper-Reach.

Individuals may sign up for the new emergency alert system in several different ways, including the following: by visiting hyper-reach.com/kytriggsignup.html, by calling 270-512-8686, by texting “alerts” to 270-512-8686 or by saying to your Alexa unit “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach.”

There is no cost to participating residents.

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or tgrace@kentuckynewera.com.

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