Trigg County Fiscal Court has approved a 10-year, non-exclusive contract with Mediacom to provide cable service in the local community.

Magistrates voted in favor of the ordinance on first reading at the court’s regular meeting on Oct. 4 at the Trigg County Courthouse.

Trigg County Judge-Executive Hollis Alexander said the ordinance is the same as the court passed about five years ago with Mediacom, and he noted that competition will still be “wide open” for other cable companies.

“It allows them the right to operate upon our right-of-way and run their cable above our roadways,” the judge-executive said.

According to the ordinance, Trigg County is granting to Mediacom a non-exclusive franchise that authorizes the company to construct and operate a cable system “in, along, among, upon, across, above, over, under or in any manner connected with public ways within the service area” and to install and maintain facilities and equipment that may be necessary for the services it provides.

Magistrate Alana Dunn shared concerns she has about the height of the company’s lines and asked that Mediacom make sure its lines are the standard height, or 14 feet above ground, if they are going to span over driveways and over entranceways into fields.

“We’ve run into several instances with Mediacom where their lines sag and we, unfortunately, hit them,” Dunn said, noting that she didn’t see anything in the ordinance that would hold the company accountable for maintaining the 14-foot height.

Alexander said he would look into the matter before a second reading on the ordinance.

He said a second reading of the document will take place in about a month, giving time for it to be published in the newspaper.

“We’ll try to get some of these questions answered and clarified (and) maybe have a representative here if somebody wants to address some of these concerns,” he said.

The court approved the ordinance, with Magistrate Larry Lawrence voting against it.

Alexander also updated the court about plans for a new rescue building in the county.

He said a speaker will be on hand in a couple of weeks to speak to magistrates about how the county can move forward with that project.

The judge said a piece of property in front of the Trigg County Road Department garage has been leveled and brought up to grade in preparation for the new rescue facility.

He said most of the funds for building the rescue facility will come from the ARPA appropriation, i.e., American Rescue Plan Act.

“I think it’s a good time to move forward with that,” Alexander said. “I believe, if it’s possible, as much as that money as we can keep in our local community to our local contractors and people is the way I’d like to try to do that.”

He said officials are talking about a design and build project to bring the facility to fruition.

In other business:

  • Fiscal court approved a motion to surplus a 50A Farmall tractor and trade it in toward the purchase of an FA75R4 tractor that will be used by the Trigg County Recreation Complex. Alexander said last week that the complex had been without a tractor for six weeks. Cost of the tractor is $27,000, and the 50A has a trade-in value of $7,500, the judge said.
  • The court approved a list of expenditures for the past two weeks that totaled $229,971.71 and included $5,000 to Audas Environmental for cleaning the ventilation and HVAC systems at the Trigg County Justice Center, $4,970 to Bluegrass Truck and Trailer for repairs to a Gradall, $32,220 to Hamby Construction Inc., for work on Donnie Lane and $2,574.06 to Leon Riley Ford Inc., for repairs to a fuel pump on the 2016 Ford Explorer at the Trigg County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Trigg County Treasurer Lucy Kyler said the county spent more than $10,000 last year on road signs, not including time, to replace others that had been stolen in the community. The judge-executive said that amount may also include barricades and other items, in addition to the signs.
  • Magistrates approved a motion to purchase a truck for emergency management from Wildcat Chevrolet at a cost of $45,475. Federal Emergency Management will reimburse the county for half that cost, and the vehicle currently being used by the local emergency management will be sent to the Trigg County Senior Citizens Center.
  • Alexander reminded everyone that a tire roundup is slated for 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Oct. 14 and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 15. The event will be at the Trigg County Road Department, and no appointments are needed.
  • The judge-executive said chip and seal crews are now out and working on the roads. He said paving with Rogers Group will start the last of this month or first of next month.
  • Additionally, Alexander said state transportation officials are working on the last leg of U.S. 68, and local officials have been asked to let the state know if something hasn’t been addressed once the work is done. Magistrates previously had shared concerns about grass needing mowing and other issues.

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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