Trigg County Public Schools’ new director of curriculum and instruction wants parents to become more familiar with the technology their children are relying on in the classroom.

“The biggest thing is I really want parents to be able to visibly see how it’s being used for their children and the magnitude that it’s being used in the times we’re living,” Karen Solise said.

The district is offering a Parent Boot Camp from 6 until 7 p.m. on March 1 to help familiarize parents with that technology, whether it’s the Chromebooks issued to the youth or communication tools such as Google Meets or Zoom that teachers may be using.

The free event will take place in the media center of Trigg County Middle School and is open to all parents, whether their children are in primary, intermediate, middle or high school.

Parents, grandparents and other guardians are invited to participate, Solise said.

She noted that there is a lot more technology being utilized in today’s classrooms; every child from kindergarten through the older grades, for example, has a Chromebook, which is smaller and has a different operating system than the laptops with which parents may be familiar.

Students also use the Progressive Learning Platform, a computer learning platform that they use in conjunction with their teacher’s classroom instruction. If the youth can’t be on campus, Solise explained, this computer alternative helps them continue their learning.

Parents may not understand how their children log onto the platform or what they see when they do, and this event can help them be more comfortable with the software and online educational programs the youth are using.

It’s more about the youngsters’ lessons and how they are getting their work done.

“We wanted to be able to take some time to get parents a little bit more familiar with the technology the kids are using,” said Solise, who noted that teachers get a lot of questions from parents about that technology. “We just wanted to give the parents some exposure to that.”

For more information about the boot camp, call Solise at the Trigg County Board of Education at 270-522-6075.

Participants do not have to pre-register and may just show up on the night of the event.

Enter the middle school through the main entrance, and signs will direct those who attend to the media center. Participants are asked to wear masks during the boot camp, Solise said.

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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