John Sumner, CEO of Trigg County Hospital, reported during a teleconference board meeting Thursday that the facility has recruited three new physicians to serve patients in the clinic and surgery centers.

Sumner said Dr. Prakash Shah will be seeing patients in the clinic one to two days per week.

Shah currently practices in Hopkinsville and specializes in internal medicine.

Dr. John Broadbent has also begun seeing patients two days per week in the clinic.

Broadbent is a cardiology specialist and currently works at Murray Calloway County Hospital.

Dr. Mitchell Kaye has also requested to see patients at Trigg County Hospital and will perform surgery in the surgery center in the hospital.

Kaye is a plastic surgeon that currently works in Hopkinsville.

“We have had a lot of luck recruiting new physicians and surgeons to the hospital in the past couple of months,” Sumner said to the board. “We are excited to have them and I think it will really benefit the hospital and the community.”

In other news:

Sumner reported that they reopened the Rural Health Clinic for weekend hours over Memorial Day weekend and it was slow. He said they plan to try to open again June 6 in hopes that they will see more business.

“Our first weekend back open was extremely slow,” Sumner said. “We are going to reopen the first weekend in June and monitor how busy it is to see if we want to continue being open on the weekends.”

Finally, Sumner reported they have begun bringing employees back who were laid off because of COVID-19. He reported that they hope to be fully staffed again by June 30.

The next meeting of the Trigg County Hospital Board will be at 5 p.m. June 25.

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