On June 8, Trigg County had 12 positive cases of COVID-19 since March.

Since June 9, 10 more cases have been reported in the county. Nine of the cases were isolated at home and one was hospitalized for care.

The 21st and 22nd coronavirus cases in Trigg County were reported Friday by the Pennyrile District Health Department.

In May, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear began phased reopenings for government buildings and businesses across the state. He also announced that more COVID testing sites would be opened across the state with free testing available to anyone who needs it.

Pennyrile District Health Department Representative Josh Ramage said the rise in cases in Trigg and surrounding counties could be attributed to more testing being done on more people in the area.

“More people are being tested because of the exposure associated with things opening back up,” Ramage said. “Another cause could be that testing is required before elective surgeries are being done in the area. Surgeries were not available in the past several weeks and many are being done now.”

Concern about more shutdowns and the closure of businesses has grown since the new cases have been announced locally.

Trigg County Judge Executive Hollis Alexander said the community should remain cautious, but does not think there will be another shutdown, yet.

“I do not foresee a close down as of right now, but that could change,” Alexander said. “I don’t think our numbers are that bad at this point. I don’t see another county shutdown, but I don’t know what the state government will do. We will follow their guidance as to what to do is what we will follow.”

Alexander noted that he believes the community is still doing well with practicing social distancing, but with summer activities starting, residents may not see the need to follow precautions as closely.

“I would ask people to be mindful that COVID is still real and still active,” Alexander said. “We still need to social distance as much as we can. I know people are somewhat tired of being prisoners in their own homes, so to speak, but we need to practice social distancing and still do the right thing to try to slow the spread of this virus.”

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