First Day

Students and staff arrive on Aug. 11 for the first day of school for Trigg County Public Schools.

Chris Luna stood on the sidewalk as buses dropped off students for the first day of school.

“It’s going good,” noted Luna, a teacher’s aide at Trigg County High School where he works with special education students. “I’m glad to be back and seeing the kids and all that.”

Luna and other school officials greeted students returning to campus on Aug. 11 for their first day of the 2022-2023 school year.

The new year saw 1,855 students begin their studies, an increase of three students from last year, when 1,852 youth returned on the first day.

Director of Student Services and Personnel James Mangels said there was a big increase in the number of kindergartners, 159 compared to 138 on the first day of school for 2021-2022.

First grade saw a drop from 143 to 129 youth, while second grade increased from 120 to 144.

In total, Trigg County Primary School had 432 students attend on the first day of school, compared to 401 on the first day last year.

At Trigg County Intermediate School, third and fourth grade saw a drop in first-day attendance, from 130 youth in 2021 to 127 youth in 2022.

Fifth grade increased by six, with 136 youth on the first day compared to last year’s 130.

In total, there was no difference, with 390 intermediate youth on the first day both years.

At Trigg County Middle School, 13 fewer students attended on the first day this year, with a decrease from 444 in 2021 to 431 in 2022.

Among the middle-schoolers, there were 132 sixth-graders compared to 144 last year, 141 seventh-graders compared to 148 in 2021 and 159 eighth-graders compared to 152 in 2021.

Trigg County High School saw a drop of 15 youth from last year, with 602 students in 2022 compared to 617 on the first day in 2021.

By grade, there were 168 freshman in 2022 compared to 170 last year, 168 sophomores compared to 151 last year, 139 juniors compared to 158 and 146 seniors compared to 138 in 2021.

Mangels added there were 78 “no shows” on the first day Trigg students returned to school.

“I’m hoping the majority of those are middle and high school students who wanted another day of summer,” the personnel director said.

Trigg County Public Schools Superintendent Bill Thorpe told members of the Trigg County School Board last week that the first day back for students went “really well,” he said.

No students were lost, he said, and only one or two small children got upset on the first day.

Just as it did last year, the first day of the 2022-2023 school year fell on Aug. 11.

Middle school guidance counselor Ashley Russell it was an exciting start to the year.

“We had a line in this morning,” she said. “We did a countdown to when they could come in.

“They were pepped up.”

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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