Trigg County Public Schools have added several new wireless internet hot spots in areas throughout the county to enable students to download assignments to their Chromebooks.

The school’s IT team and Family Resource Directors have worked together to find areas in the county that have enough cellular service for the hot spots.

Six hot spots have been added in locations throughout the county that are available to students seven days a week. These locations will allow students to access the internet from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

The new hot spot locations are: Wallonia Community Room (formerly Wallonia restaurant), Hanks Corner Market (242 Washington Ave.) in Cerulean, Locust Grove Baptist Church (off of Highway 272), The Trigg County Convention Center (Trigg County Complex), Sinclair’s Station (Canton One Stop) in Canton and Let’s Go Play.

The hot spots have a capacity of 15 devices at a time, so students and community members are asked to be conscious of others needing to use the hot spots. Students are encouraged to download several days or a week’s worth of assignments at a time to take home to work on.

Currently, there are hot spots on seven buses at the Summer Food Service Program feeding sites in the county. The hot spots are turned on during the meal delivery from 11 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday. Students and parents are

able to sit in the parking lot and access the internet to download assignments to their Chromebooks.

The meal delivery locations with hot spots on the buses are: Linton United Methodist Church, Rockcastle Fire Department, Trigg County Recreation Complex, Roaring Springs Christian Church, Caledonia Locust Grove Church, Cerulean restaurant, and Sinclair’s in Canton.

All hot spot locations have the same location name: TriggCoSchools and the same password: Wildcats.

“We are thankful for the members of our community who are willing to help our students with this need,” Trigg County Schools Superintendent Bill Thorpe said. “We hope that this will help our students with virtual learning until we are able to return to in-person learning. Our staff has worked very hard to find the best locations to serve the greatest amount of students.”

Trigg County Schools will continue to add hot spots throughout the county as areas with cellular service and locations willing to host the hot spots are found. Trigg County Schools will announce those locations as they become available.

For more information or questions, contact Bill Thorpe, superintendent, at 270-522-6075.

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