Trigg hospital staff made vaccination experience positive

When I see people doing the right thing, I like others to know about it.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Moderna vaccine at the Trigg Recreation Complex, first of two. The Trigg County hospital staff was exemplary in their organization and follow through of all the recipients that were there.

An employee was outside in 30 degree weather handing out information sheets to all before entry. You were greeted at the door to another room where your temperature was taken and information sheets examined.

Then another room nearby to get your vaccine, everyone in the same arm this time. My shot was almost painless, the nurse was excellent and she explained about the vaccine, gave me a sheet of side effects and what to expect. I was directed to the larger room adjacent to the tent where the vaccine was given, to wait 15 minutes for possible drug reactions and other side effects before exiting to leave the building.

I had an appointment and was in and out in 25 minutes which included 5 minutes to complete my info sheet and 15 to wait. The hospital staff were super friendly even after 6 hours of labor Thursday and 8 hours Wednesday. I hope other people receiving this vaccine yesterday and today can compliment the well organized and very friendly staff of Trigg County Hospital.

Great job, thank you.

Jim Mullen

Trigg County

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