A Christian County Middle School employee tested positive for COVID-19. The employee has not been in the school since March 20.

The school system was notified on Monday, March 30 that an employee had tested positive for the virus. 

According to a Christian County Public Schools and Christian County Health Department dual news release, the employee began exhibiting symptoms on March 23 and was tested that day. 

When the employee came down with the symptoms, CCPS notified CCHD about the employee.

"Christian County Public Schools and the Christian County Health Department have been working closely in this matter to monitor patient symptoms, identify direct contacts, and prevent the spread of the virus," the release stated. 

The release stated that CCMS has followed health department guidelines for sanitation and all employees are practicing food handling guidelines — including proper hand washing, sanitizing utensils and wearing hair nets and gloves at all times.  

When the employee showed symptoms of the virus, food distribution at CCMS was moved across Glass Ave. to Christian County High School. 

"During this district-wide shut down, and for precautionary reasons, the majority of food products administered are prepackaged foods to prevent food contamination," the release stated. W'e would like to remind everyone to please continue to practice social distancing, frequently wash your hands with warm water and soap, and should you exhibit any symptoms, please contact your local primary care provider."

CCPS released a separate news release from Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill stating that no food service employee is bering forced to work while the school buildings are closed. 

"Each food service worker has been given the option of not working," Gemmill said in the release. "Some food service workers have opted to stay at home during this crisis, which is understandable."

She added that it is a "testament to the good spirit and character of our food service employees that we have been able to safely provide thousands of nutritious meals each day to those in need during this crisis."

CCPS central office employees are also helping prepare and deliver meals to students during the closure. 

"The Christian County Public Schools appreciates the willingness of its food service employees to continue to safely provide nutritious meals to our students who need such nutritious meals," she said. "This effort during the COVID-19 crisis has simply been an extension of a service provided by our food service employees each summer."

At his Thursday press conference, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that his office has extended in-person school closures at least through May 1. 

"We know it's going to be needed for at least this period," Beshear said. "What I told (Kentucky superintendents) was we would touch base two weeks out, or maybe even a week out, from this point to see where we are."

As spring break comes next week, some CCPS food service sites may be closed for the week. Though, those plans are not yet set in stone. 

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