Cast of movie takes bow at Kelly Festival

David G. Baker and Joseph Drake (From left, at center) are surrounded by some of the cast of their movie, "The Invasion of Kelly" on Saturday at the Little Green Men Days Festival in Kelly. They were autographing DVDs and other items related to the film project.

The 70-minute movie about the 1955 Kelly incident could be on its way to becoming a favorite for UFO enthusiasts as well as fans of a good mystery.

“We’ve gotten a really good response from it,” said Joseph Drake, the Hopkinsville man who directed the picture that premiered this weekend in Hopkinsville and at the Little Green Men Days Festival in Kelly.

Drake and his partner, David G. Baker, also of Hopkinsville, run White Door Productions in Clifty.

Both men were familiar with the Kelly story, and it was Baker who came up with the idea to make “The Invasion of Kelly.” Filming started this past May and ended in late July.

The cast was comprised of 11 main actors, 10 supporting actors, and a “slew” of extras. Geraldine Sutton Stith and Elmer Sutton Jr., the children of the late Elmer “Lucky” Sutton, who supposedly fought off gremlin-like space creatures from a flying saucer that landed near his farmhouse on August 21, 1955, were involved in the film project.

“The Invasion of Kelly” opened in Hopkinsville on Friday, with multiple showings at the WK Cinemas in Bradford Square Mall. It also played on Saturday and was scheduled to continue its run on Sunday and Monday.

The red-carpet premier, attended by the entire cast, took place at 8 Friday evening and there were only 15 empty seats in a theater that seated 238 people, according to Drake.

Drake, Baker and many of the cast of the movie were at the Little Green Men Days Festival on Saturday, autographing items related to the movie from their booth.

The movie-makers are hoping to enter “The Invasion of Kelly” in one or more upcoming film festivals.


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