Rick Boling

Rick Boling announced his intentions to run for commonwealth's attorney for Christian County in the 2018 election.

Rick Boling was given another term as Hopkinsville and Christian County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney after the Election Day results funneled in.

Boling previously held the position for a single term from 2000 to 2006 and is looking forward to serving the community once again.

Boling won the election against his incumbent opponent Lynn Pryor by a total of 9,781 votes to 7,420, making for a substantial difference between them.

Both Boling and Pryor had a tense campaign against each other after having a history of battling it out for the seat once before. Their rematch saw a lot of rebuttals and clarifications to the other’s claims during their debates. Despite their history, Boling managed to stay positive in regards to his opponent.

“If she were to come here tonight to see me, I would tell her ‘Hey, I think you ran a good race.’ I’m happy with the result the way it is but, I consider her a friend. There’s no animosity between us,” Boling said.

Pryor also stayed positive after hearing the news of her loss.

“I tried to run a very positive campaign and I feel like I can hold my head high and say that I did that. But, apparently that’s not always what voters respond to these days and I hate that that’s what politics has come to,” Pryor said.

After the final votes had come in, Pryor even gave Boling a call to congratulate him on his win. She also hopes that Boling will do justice while in office once again.

“I respect the voters’ decision and I’ve been honored to have served in this position for 12 years. I thoroughly enjoy my job, I love my job and I hope that Mr. Boling will do it justice,” Pryor shared.

Boling shared that he had gotten emotional as he saw the votes coming in.

“I’m just really humbled by the number of voters that turned out, the way they voted. It literally — as we were seeing the number grow — brought tears to my eyes because, you could just see this wave going,” Boling explained.

Boling attributed his win to the focus of his campaign, which was trial records. He shared that he felt that he won because, he believes that the citizens of Christian County saw that they needed a prosecutor who can win cases and keep heinous criminals off the streets.

Looking forward Boling is looking to make changes and improve on the current status of the commonwealth’s attorney office.

He said that he will be looking to improve on how the office runs and sit down with the current staff and discuss who will be staying and what they can improve on moving forward. Boling added that he believes the office has done a good job but his job is to “enhance” the office.

Boling continued to explain that he has always wanted to be a prosecutor and that being elected to the office again is a coming home for him.

“It’s like a coming home because, I always wanted to be a prosecutor. When I was a police officer I wanted to be a prosecutor. When I became a prosecutor, I loved it. I learned a lot and I learned a lot during the years after I left the office. I kind of took some things for granted when I was there the first time and now looking back at it, I have a fresh perspective and I look forward to going back to the office,” Boling said.

During Boling’s celebration, he told everyone in attendance that before election night, he wanted 8,000 votes and ended the night with close to 10,000.

He also took the opportunity during the celebration of his win to wish his wife, Jeanne Boling, a happy anniversary and gave her a vase of flowers. He shared with everyone that she was his rock during his campaign and the biggest person in his life under Jesus. Boling explained that their anniversary was Monday and he and his wife had spent the day campaigning before the big election.

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