A small group gathered in the Christian Fiscal Courtroom Thursday afternoon to view the public drawing of ballot positions for the May 19 primary election.

Christian County Clerk Mike Kem swirled tiny lottery balls in a black mug, then candidates drew to determine where their name would appear on the ballot for Hopkinsville City Council.

“We keep drawing No. 2,” said Kem, who had volunteers draw for candidates who weren’t present.

“I promise they’re both in there,” said volunteer Roxanne Thomas.

The drawings established the order of candidate names for contested primaries in Wards 1, 6, 7, 9 and 10.

Names for each ward will appear in the following order:

Ward 1 — Democrats Darvin A. Adams I (incumbent) and Thomas Grant

Ward 6 — Democrats Kenneth M. Hatzakorzian and Paula Knight

Ward 7 — Republicans Richard K. Covington and Dustin Gilbert

Ward 9 — Democrats Ardell G. Owens and incumbent Patricia Waddell-Bell

Ward 10 — Republicans Robert E. Almy, Steve Keel and Nichole Eastman

Kem said the public ballot drawing has been going on since before he became clerk in 1998.

“I ran for magistrate in ‘94 and there were nine people running for a vacancy, and I got No. 1 and I didn’t even show up,” Kem said. “If there are nine (candidates) in there and you’re No. 1, it helps. If there’s just two or three, I don’t think it makes that much difference.”

Councilman Don Ahart withdrew Thursday morning, leaving Alethea West as the lone candidate for Ward 3.

Other uncontested races include Democratic incumbent Kim McCarley in Ward 2 and Republican incumbent Amy Craig in Ward 5.

Candidates who win in the May primary will go on to face their opponents in the Nov. 3 General Election.

Additional candidates in the race to Hopkinsville City Council include:

Ward 4: Democratic incumbent Paul Henson and Independent candidate Bradley Garabrandt.

Ward 6: Republican candidate Travis Martin

Ward 7: Democratic incumbent Terry Parker

Ward 8: Republican incumbent Tom L. Johnson and Democratic candidate Twyla Parris

Ward 10: Democratic incumbent Jimmy Dossett

Ward 11: Republican incumbent Jason Bell and Democratic candidate Steven Hoover

Ward 12: Democratic incumbent Phillip Brooks and Republican candidate Matthew Handy

For more information about the upcoming election, visit the county clerk’s website at http://christian countyky.gov/elections-voter-regis tration.

Reach Zirconia Alleyne at 270-887-3243 or zalleyne@kentuckynewera.com

Reach Zirconia Alleyne at 270-887-3243 or zalleyne@kentuckynewera.com

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