Narcotics, counterfeit money and drug paraphernalia were found inside a residence at 624 Avondale Road during a search warrant executed Friday by Oak Grove Police Department officers.

OGPD Patrol Officer Michael Ferrell, who lead the two-week investigation, said about 10 officials were on the scene while executing the search warrant.

U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command officers and Christian County Sheriff's Office Deputies and their K-9 unit assisted with the investigation, Ferrell said.

"We were expecting a large amount of people or a large amount of drugs in the house," Ferrell said. "We knew we were going to need more than four or five people. I wanted to make sure when we went in, we had enough people going in just in case something went wrong."

After developing a plan on how to make entry at the home, officers entered the residence and found Natasha J. Feiereisen, 30, in the bedroom, Ferrell said.

"Feiereisen was found to be in possession of methamphetamine, several needles were located next to her bed with a spoon with burn marks on the bottom, one small cotton ball on spoon," according to the citation.

Feiereisen was arrested on the scene.

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Ferrell said he wasn't shocked by the contents found at the residence during the search. This is the second search warrant that has been executed by OGPD at this residence in the past year, he said.

In the two weeks prior to the search, officers conducted neighborhood canvasses and spoke to several neighbors and individuals regarding the residence, Ferrell said.

"Myself and other officers had made several traffic stops coming from Good Hope Cemetery Road, as well as people coming and going from the residence," he said. "From pulling people over, information was provided there was a lot of drug activity going in and out of the home. We were unaware whether they were selling or buying."

The search warrant was signed by Christian County Circuit Judge John Atkins.

Additional arrests are pending.

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