Community cares gets new member

From left: Terry Tessema, Jessical Lestienne, Melissa Newberg, John Rodger and Amberly Martin.

Oak Grove Community Cares, a local non-profit, hosted its monthly meeting Thursday night. The group’s board dicussed several issues, including events that the organization plans on hosting in the coming months.

The first order of business for the meeting was to vote on a new member for the board of directors. Melissa Newberg was unanimously approved to join the board.

“We’d like to take this time to initiate a new member on to the board,” John Rodgers, president of the group, said. “Because someone loves us very, very much and says that they’re going to be here for us.”

After Newberg was sworn in, the meeting shifted to discussion of upcoming events. The barbecue fundraiser that the group had planned to put on was cancelled due to a lack of time for planning.

“We’re having issues with a lot of people in the community with the fact that there is too many barbecues in the area at that time,” Rodgers said. “There’s a lot of events still in the area for August.”

A large amount of discussion went toward’s the movies in the park event that the group plans on holding in conjunction with Oak Grove Neighborhood Watch, another local group.

The group voted at the end of the meeting to approve $260 for to advertise the films. The group also discussed a new advertising venture, which would include a board in Wade’s Way Park on Wade’s Way Lane, where the group would also hold it’s movie events.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Amberlee Martin, secretary of the organization said. “It gives us a place to advertise besides Valor Hall.”

The board also voted to allocate $350 towards a candlelight vigil to be held at War Memorial Walking Trail Park, as part of the group’s Walk to Remember event, where participants will walk laps around the track in order to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Toward the end of the meeting, the group discussed plans for their annual Christmas event, in which they will purchase presents for underprivileged children, wrap them and then have Santa deliver the presents to the children on a fire truck.

“This year we’re going to be taking the kids and asking them to go to Walmart or to go online,” Rodgers said. “Asking them to build a wish list or a Santa’s list like they usually do, and then we are going to go to Walmart with that list and go shopping off of that list.”

The group’s next meeting is scheduled to take place at 5:30 p.m. on September 6 at the Oak Grove Community Center.”

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