A Hopkinsville woman is prepared to answer God’s call to fulfill a need for local men in recovery.

Candice Tucker Groves, who has worked in residential treatment her whole career, will open Redeemed and Restored faith-based, residential treatment facility for men in January.

The facility at 2010 Cadiz Road in Hopkinsville will host an open house from 2 to 5 p.m. Dec. 1 for the community to tour the facility and hear about their mission.

Groves said the idea began because she and her dad realized there wasn’t a faith-based treatment facility for men — the way Grace and Mercy serves women — in town.

“I love working with the substance abuse population, but I felt like we were missing the biggest piece — God,” she said of working in secular treatment facilities. “We couldn’t talk about God, we couldn’t share about our faith, but for people who are lacking hope, to not be able to tell them about true hope in God was an internal struggle.”

Redeemed and Restored is licensed as an Alcohol and Other Drug Entity and a Behavioral Health Services Organization, meaning they can provide substance abuse and mental health services. However, part of the program will include participation in faith-based activities.

“God laid it on my heart and my dad’s heart, and I thought ‘yea, someone should do that,’ but I never thought it would be me,” she said. “But as doors kept opening, we kept walking through them.”

Redeemed and Restored is housed inside the former Master Builders and Bad Boy Mowers building. It has been remodeled and redecorated to house 16 men for short-term, or 30-day, treatment. There are spaces for offices, recreation, a lunch and break area, showers and bathrooms.

The dorms are divided eight to a room, and the two groups will participate in a daily routine of therapy, substance abuse education, life skills training, recreation time, dinner and night meetings at programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, 4D and The Road at Calvary Memorial.

Groves said they’ve worked closely with Isaiah House in Willisburg to learn the blueprint of the similar faith-based treatment.

“They have been phenomenal to us and helped us along the way as far as figuring things out while trying to get things going,” she said. “And, I’ve gotten some training there.”

Redeemed and Restored will have 18 full-time staff members to include a facilities manager, recovery aides, 24/7 peer support specialists, case associate, office manager and three licensed therapists.

Because the facility will be short-term, case associates will work closely with patients to determine what they need to transition out of the home.

“Whether that’s follow-up therapy, getting their GED, somewhere to live — we just want to set them up for success when they leave,” she said.

Groves said opiate and meth addictions are a huge issue in Kentucky right now, and she said mental health issues have always been a struggle.

“The overlap is there, and it makes it worse,” she said of treating both issues. “We want to see the whole picture of the person, including the spiritual.

At this time, Groves said they are waiting to hear back about their Medicaid approval because that will be the primary funding source. Other assistance has come and will be from donors who believe in their mission, “Changing lives through Christ.”

Groves said she came up with the name Redeemed and Restored because “we want to help individuals come to Christ being redeemed by His blood and transformed by His word.”

The men who come to the facility can be placed there through referrals from the courts, Western State Hospital, emergency rooms or simply by walking in off the street, she noted. Participation and success in the program will be their sole responsibility.

“We’re not able to keep anyone against their will,” she said. “Accountability is a big thing in recovery.”

Groves said she is in awe that everything has come to fruition in the matter of a year. Her big goal is to offer long-term treatment, which is nine months to a year.

For now, she said they plan to open the doors next year and she’s ready for the facility to be a blessing to those who need it.

To learn more about Redeemed and Restored or to donate, send mail to P.O. Box 486, Hopkinsville, KY 42241.

Reach Zirconia Alleyne at 270-887-3243 or za


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