Thousands of people came out Saturday night to the third annual Summer Salute for the final night of the festival. Some came to see the sights, some came to have fun playing carnival games or riding rides. Some came to or eat, while others came to see the Sawyer Brown band perform.

Before the concert, Jamauria Baker and Jaslyn Mumford were cooling themselves off at a misting station.

Jaslyn said they came, “because we wanted to have fun.”

And they did. The cousins rode rides, jumped in bouncers and ate. Jaslyn added this wasn’t their first time at Summer Salute. They also went last year.

Farther down the road, the country band Sawyer Brown started their performance. The parking lot filled up with listeners and dancers. Michael and Michelle Pendleton sat in their chairs, with their feet up, bobbing their heads to the music. Michael had been following the band for some time. He didn’t know they were playing until Michelle told him.

“I pulled him out of the house,” she said.

They were enjoying the concert and made a promise to learn how to dance for next year. Michelle explained that they also went to the Jimmy Church Band concert the night before. They saw a number of people get up and dance. The couple turned to each other to ask if either knew how to dance.

The answer was no.

But they will know how to two-step for next year.

They loved the concert. She explained that he’s retired military and they both work on post. Michelle tried to share the Summer Salute with everyone. She said she wants everyone to be able to come and enjoy it.

In front of the couple, Robert Stallings and Rhonda Madscen were dancing.

Stallings said they came to listen to the music. Sawyer Brown is one of his favorite bands and he grew up listening to them.

He explained this is the only time he’s been to a Sawyer Brown concert and the first time he’s gone to the Summer Salute.

In another part of the parking lot, friends Kim Dodge and Jackie Moore were dancing side by side in chairs.

They came out to see Sawyer Brown because this is one of their favorite bands.

“I love the genre,” Dodge said.

It reminded them of “back in the day, old country.”

They had never seen the band in concert before and are considering seeing them again if they come close enough.

The women said they also enjoyed last year’s Summer Salute because of Diamond Rio’s performance. Moore liked that band a little bit more.

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