Grace and Mercy was busy working with volunteer organizations by the names of “Resurrection Ministries” and “8 days of Hope” helping to renovate another house the organization will use for their program.

The volunteer organizations began their work on June 12 and will continue working on the Red House until June 25.

Grace and Mercy’s original home is commonly known as the “White House” and the newest addition will be known as the “Red House.” It is located directly behind Grace and Mercy’s headquarters. Grace and Mercy is a residential transitional ministry for women coming from incarceration, homelessness, adverse childhood experiences, sexual assault, substance abuse and addiction.

The newest home will include three apartments that are currently being completely renovated that will transform into two, two bed, two bath apartments and a one bed, one bath apartment. The Red House will become the home of the newest graduates from the organization.

Grace and Mercy director Joanna Mack was thankful for the organizations newest project.

“This is a transitional living apartment for the women of Grace and Mercy. This home was a gift from a donor and it is now underway to be completely updated by skillful laborers that are all volunteering, that we are so grateful for. Our women find it really hard to find apartments because of their felon history that shows up in background checks. But thankfully soon, we can move our ladies who’ve graduated from the program into our apartments. This is just the beginning. This will grow. This was always the plan in expanding our organization and it feels amazing that it’s coming into existence,” said Mack. “Our graduates will not only have a place to stay but it will also build their rental history for the future. We are throwing it out to the community that if anyone is looking to donate properties, Grace and Mercy will graciously accept it.”

Grace and Mercy staff, and the volunteer organizations have worked tirelessly to get the newest addition ready to live in. The Red House is expected to be completed by June 25, 2022. This organization embodies being a home of safety, love and restoration and has helped over 100 women in the last five years. The team at Grace and Mercy are committed to help women find freedom and heal from past trauma. The organization highlights that women shouldn’t go through hardships feeling alone, all the while acknowledging the power in having strength in numbers. Sisterhoods like Grace and Mercy are built for tribes who create and nurture each other and their environment.

For additional information about the non profit organization, check out their website at:

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