The Christian County Fiscal Court met Tuesday morning to discuss broadband service agreements, an insurance renewal, engineering agreements for the connector road I-169, and other business.

Christian County Magistrate Darrell Gustafson told the rest of the council that the unanimous vote for the broadband service agreements will be a historic mark, similar to the electrification of the county in 1937.

Associate Director of Community and Economic Development for Pennyrile Area Development District Amy Frogue presented her recommendation for the acceptance of requests for qualification for broadband services.

Frogue told the council that when the deadline passed for the statements of qualifications from Christian, Todd and Trigg Counties, she only received a joint submission from Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative and Hopkinsville Electrical System.

““This is partnership in its truest definition. People will win, business will win, agriculture community will win. The potential for growth alone in the industrial park and virtually every medical facilities. I mean it touches everything. It enhances the capability for our educational system too,”said Magistrate Rich Liebe.

After a motion was passed to accept Frogue’s recommendation and pass the broadband service agreements, Gustafson said, “Over the last year, we’ve all seen what we need for the internet in the county, in the rural areas. Almost everything was done online during the pandemic and if you didn’t have that service you were kind of left in the dirt.”

The unanimously passed agreement will now be forwarded to the other entities for their consideration.

“I believe making this decision now, moving quickly will get us in front of the other 120 counties that are receiving money for the same thing.

The council also heard from Partner and Vice President of Sales at Higgins Insurance, Brad Bolinger about the changes in the three lines of coverage under the insurance renewal package.

Bolinger told the council the entire package consists of three line components; package, workers compensation and earthquake.

The portion of the package includes property, liability, equipment and auto.

“Those respective lines all combined, when up and down in different percentages, for a total of a net increase year after year of 1.6%,” Bolinger said.

Bolinger reported an increase for total property insured to $91.5 million during this year.

He added that the liability insurance cap has also increased to three million per occurrence with a five million aggregate.

Cyber insurance for the county includes a one million dollar coverage but the cyber extortion coverage is limited at $50,000.

Bolinger also told the council that the news of the Colonial Pipeline hack has brought this portion of the coverage to be more announced in the discussion. Bolinger applauded the county for out performing the worker’s compensation mod average.

“The county’s mod is 0.69 which means you are performing at a 31% better clip than the rest of the counties. In addition to that you have the lowest overall mod of any county in the state, subsequently the highest credit factor applied to the workers compensation of the state,” Bolinger said.

“That’s no small line item.”

Bolinger added that a dividend for the year of $13,404 will be payed out to the council during August 2021.

The total dividends earned by the county amounts to $59,664 over the last three years.

The council approved expenditures including 10 hours of authorized overtime for three workers at the county jail at the beginning of the meeting.

The council also renewed contracts for Todd and Trigg County to continue receiving housing from the animal shelter for a total annual payment of $9,000 per county.

That is a $500 increase from last year.

The Christian County Fiscal Court will meet on June 22 at 8:30 a.m. at the Christain County Courthouse.

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