relay for life shot of pam and her family

Relay for Life board member and organizer Pam Futrell is seen in orange among her family at this year’s Christian County Relay for Life 30th anniversary. Futrell has a story to tell highlighting how she was able to get through her journey with the support of her family and the support of the community.

Studies show, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

While that statically is alarming, it is said early detection saves lives.

Every October, people all over the world show their support for everyone affected by breast cancer. In honor of breast cancer month, there’s a woman in town who has defied the odds twice over.

Pam Futrell, a recent retiree of Christian County Courthouse, embodies the Latin phrase “Veni, vidi, vici.”

Back in May of 2015 after a yearly mammogram, Futrell’s doctor suggested a sonogram in her left breast. Her reports shared she had a small abnormality near her chest cavity in her left breast that was cancerous.

Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant cancer cells form in the tissues of the breast.

Cancer begins in the cells which are the basic building blocks that make up tissue. Tissue is found in the breast and other parts of the body. Sometimes, the process of cell growth goes wrong and new cells form when the body doesn’t need them and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. When this occurs, a build up of cells often forms a mass of tissue called a lump, growth, or tumor.

The following month, Futrell, began five rounds of chemo treatment along with 33 rounds of radiation.

She finished up in December just before the New Year.

When asked about how Futrell continues to press on, she confidently stated the importance of having support by your side.

“I have a great family who supported me, I had great support from the courthouse and I have a great husband who I will always refer to as my iron man,” said Futrell. “Looking back, oddly enough it hurt more seeing my friends and family in distress during my journey. The times I felt like giving up I was reminded of my support system and motivated to keep going because of my daughter.”

Almost a decade before 2015, back in 2008, Futrell also encountered an unforeseen event.

Futrell had a mole checked out that was found to be cancerous. In this instance, Futrell had it surgically removed and fortunately did not have to undergo chemo or radiation.

Cancer is a broad term for a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cells that grow and invade healthy cells in the body.

In her family, Futrell stated how cancer has been prevalent throughout the years, but how warriors reside inside her family as both her mother and father are survivors.

“I will also be an advocate for those on the battlefield to keep going and keep fighting and to continue getting checked” said Futrell. “I will also always recommend reaching out to the American Cancer Society where endless information can be found. One of the main reasons I joined our Relay for Life team was to be a source of information.”

Relay for Life is more than just an organization. Relay for Life is a family. In Honor of those affected by cancer: always believe there is hope for a cure.

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life movement is the world’s largest peer-to-peer fundraising event dedicated to saving lives from cancer. For over 35 years, communities across the world have come together to honor and remember loved ones and take action for lifesaving change.

Christian County Relay for Life is known to uplift those battling cancer as well as giving as much information and assistance to those battling and going through their journey.

She noted those that may be struggling may reach out to hear at any time via email: as well as via phone: 270-498-1778.

To learn more about the vicious disease visit:, alongside:

Futrell’s journey is a reminder that though life can and will throw curve balls, even if you get knocked down, get back up and keep going. If you or someone you know is diagnosed with any form of cancer, seek what methods are available, keep the faith, keep fighting and keep going.

Christopher Reeve once said “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

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