Peveler may have had multiple victims

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According to a report from the Kentucky State Police, the former Hopkinsville High School band director, Jordan Seth Peveler, potentially had multiple victims.

The KSP report said two unknown victims reported misconduct from Peveler. The ages of the victims were unknown at the time of the incident; however, one of the victims was legally an adult at the time of the report.

The person who reported the conduct to KSP was known as "RS," a common term for a reporting source. KSP reported that "RS states that information was received stating that a band teacher, 'Seth at a high school in Hopkinsville could be a threat to other kids.'"

"RS received information stating that Seth (Peveler) had sex with a student (#1 student)," the report stated.

The report from KSP was first provided to HHS Principal John Gunn on May 8 about the former HHS band director Jordan Seth Peveler. The KSP report was originally dated May 2.

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Dr. Gunn immediately handed the report to the Christian County Public Schools' office, according to documents provided to the New Era from an open records request. The report stated "Chief Administrative Officer Laura Morris and Personnel Director Anita Hopson immediately met with Mr. Peveler and placed him on administrative leave on May 8, 2019."

According to the report, Peveler threatened to kill himself. It is unknown when he made the threat or if there are any active threats or suicidal intention, the KSP report added.

Peveler "groomed" the second alleged victim. When KSP asked what the grooming entailed, RS said Peveler gave the victim a list of things she could and could not do when she went to college.

The report adds that "RS did not make any statement of actual sexual grooming."

According to the report, RS said Peveler also sent a message to a college student threatening to beat up her boyfriend and to kill him.

Law enforcement, including the Hopkinsville Police Department, investigated the allegations. While still on administrative leave, Mr. Peveler resigned May 31.

Peveler is set for a pretrial conference Friday.

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