Both Hopkinsville and Todd counties are hosting holiday decoration contests for both residents and businesses to take part in to increase holiday cheer as the holidays quickly approach.

For Hopkinsville, the Beautification Commission is hosting two decorations contests: best decorated residence and best decorated business.

The best decorated residence category will actually feature 12 winners, one per city ward.

Hopkinsville Beautification Commission members will select the winning residence from each ward from a list of nominees.

The awards are based on use of decorations, creativity, lighting and theme. A residence may not receive the award for two consecutive years.

To nominate a resident, or nominate your own home, you can visit the hop website and enter the resident’s name and address on the “Holiday Decorations Contest” tab within the Beautification Commission section.

As for the best decorated business contest, only one business will receive an award. According to the rules on the Hopkinsville website, business must be located in Hopkinsville city limits and own a business license. A committee will review the nominations to select the winner.

A business also cannot receive the winning award two years in a row, the rules added.

The deadline to enter either contest is Dec. 18 at 4 p.m. and the winners will be announced Dec. 28 on social media with pictures of the winners going on social media and the Hopkinsville website.

“The goal of the Holiday Decorations Contest is to recognize the efforts of Hopkinsville residents and businesses that encourage community pride and holiday spirit,” the contest said on the website.

The Todd County Chamber of Commerce is also hosting two decorations contests; one for residents and one for businesses.

However, the entirety of the contest is dubbed “Twas the Lights before Christmas: A ‘Keep the Cheer Here’ Tour.”

“This year it’s part of a larger holiday campaign that we’re calling ‘Keep the Cheer Here’ campaign and the whole idea is just to encourage people to come to Todd County and shop local and hopefully encourage some of our small businesses that have been struggling this year,” Todd Chamber Executive Director Tiffany Groves said of the contest.

According to Groves, the resident contest will declare three winners with a first, second and third place. Each winner will receive a different prize based on their placing.

“There’s really no criteria and we have no rules,” Groves said. “We want (contestants) to use their imagination and to be as big and creative as they would like to do it.”

Groves added that while there are no rules for the contest, there are some things a contestant must do to participate.

Grove explained that all entrants must submit an entry form by Wednesday, Nov. 25. However, the displays do not have to be ready until Nov. 30, which is when display photos must be submitted.

“The reason we have to get them in so early is that we do a printable, guided tour map,” Grove said of the early deadlines. “So, folks can find all the light displays and drive around the county and see those (displays).”

Then on Dec. 1, all of the submitted photos will be posted on Facebook to be judged by the community.

The community would then have the month of December to vote for the top three best residences and the best business decorations, by pressing the like button on the ones they like the best.

The displays with the most likes on Facebook are chosen as the winners. The winners will be announced on social media on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1.

Grove shared that part of the reason the Todd Chamber wants to implore Todd County residents and businesses to take part in the contest is to encourage people to visit the county.

“We want to encourage people from all over to come and explore Todd County and see what a great place this is, to shop our local businesses and restaurants” Groves said.

“We also want to encourage the community — it’s been a hard year on everybody and we just thought this would be a real fun way to share some Christmas spirit.”

To enter the Todd County contest, visit and click the “2020 KEEP THE CHEER HERE” tab on the top right corner of the website and submit an entry form.

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