At least 25 employers, including Hankook Tire, Hopkinsville Fire Department and Maxfuel, will participate in a multi-employer job fair 10 a.m.-2 p.m. May 23 at Oak Grove Community Center, 1705 Thompsonville Lane.

For the first time, the center partnered with TalentForce Hopkinsville, a local staffing agency, to host the fair.

Job seekers are encouraged to attend the job fair equipped with a resume, two forms of identification and dressed for success.

Melissa Lynch, center director, said having employed citizens will strengthen the Oak Grove community's health, which is one of her major goals.

"My first mission at the first of the year was to make Oak Grove healthy and in order to make Oak Grove healthy we have to have these people working. We've got to have people with jobs so they are able to take care of their families," she said. "People think being healthy is just about their bodies, but it's not. It's being healthy as a whole."

When citizens are employed and productive, crime rates decline, Lynch said.

"If you aren't doing anything productive, you've got an idle mind and that's the devil's playground," she said.

Lynch said everyone without a job should attend the job fair, because it is an opportunity to better themselves.

"If you are just laying around on the couch and you are living in somebody else's house and your name is not on the mortgage, then you are homeless and you probably need to attend this job fair so you can get your own place, establish yourself and feel good about being productive," she said.

If anyone in attendance does not find a job they are interested in, TalentForce staff will be on hand to continue assisting in the job search. Lynch said the partnership with the staffing agency and the center will continue to strengthen. She anticipates the center will host more job fairs in the future.

According to its mission statement, the community center's goal is to serve the Oak Grove community.

"We want to know what is going on. We try to have all of the resources we could possibly have to give out to people who are in need, no matter what they are in need of," she said. "We always want to make sure that we have enough information to get people going in the right direction. We want you to be healthy."

For more information, call 270-640-6557.

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