Christian Circuit Court Judge Andrew Self has imposed a sentence of 22 ½ years for Jessie L. Goslyn, the woman who last year pleaded guilty to complicity to murder in the death of her husband, Fort Campbell soldier Vincent Goslyn Jr., in February of 2012.

Goslyn appeared before Self on Wednesday in Christian Circuit Court.

Her boyfriend at the time of the murder, Jarred T. Long, also was in court and received a 30-year sentence imposed by Self for the murder of Vincent Goslyn.

Long pleaded guilty this past February to first degree murder, and in exchange for his plea, agreed to a recommended 30-yearsentence rather than facing a jury that could have sentenced him to life in prison.

According to New Era archives, Goslyn was accused of luring her husband to a remote part of Fidelio Road by having Long pose as a stranded motorist. Vincent’s body was discovered on the side of the road on Feb. 3, 2012. He had been shot multiple times.

Jessie Goslyn stood before Self on Wednesday and initially said she wanted to seek findings regarding domestic violence in the matter. However, she withdrew her advice based on the advice of counsel after hearing a statement read in the court.

Monica English read a statement written by Vincent Goslyn’s cousin Tim Hamilton. Several members of Vincent Goslyn’s family were in court and asked to address Jessie Goslyn. They traveled from Texas and Michigan to attend the final sentencing.

Self, who said he typically doesn’t allow any additional statements when plea agreements are made, agreed to allow one family member to speak.

The statement referenced Long pulling the trigger and noted that Vincent Goslyn, called Junior in the statement, had been shot over and over again.

“Junior was a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin and a soldier,” English read in Hamilton’s statement. “He may not have been perfect, but he worked tirelessly to provide for his family.”

Goslyn’s wife, the statement noted, knew that her husband was nice and would stop to help a stranded motorist. His death, Hamilton said, was a pre-meditated murder and was done “in complete hatred” for someone Long didn’t even know.

The family asked that the maximum penalty be considered for Jessie Goslyn and Long.

Appearing Wednesday in court, Long initially asked that his sentencing be continued following claims made by Jessie Goslyn that she was a victim of domestic violence.

Attorney Bill Maddux said an evidentiary hearing would be needed to determine if she was a victim of domestic violence, and while that would not impact the sentence in the matter, it would have opened the possibility of an earlier parole for Goslyn.

He said the issue of domestic violence had been discussed in her statement to police.

“It’s not factually correct to say that it has not been mentioned at all in six years,” Maddux said.

But Commonwealth’s Attorney Lynn Pryor said the question of whether Jessie Goslyn was a victim had not been brought up before, and she noted that Goslyn’s wife and her ex-boyfriend had plotted and deliberately planned Vincent Goslyn’s murder.

“This was a cold-blooded murder that she and Mr. Long planned, and we believe she should serve every bit of this sentence,” Pryor told the judge.

Following the Goslyn family’s statement, however, Jessie Goslyn decided not to seek any findings related to domestic violence and reiterated her decision with the judge.

Self noted that the state Department of Corrections would determine when Jessie Goslyn is released.

In his appearance before Self, Long changed a previous statement where he said the murder was done for the purpose of obtaining money, noting that was not the reason.

“I am admitting I am the cause of Mr. Goslyn’s death,” he told the judge. “Yes, I am sorry, but doing it for money was not the reason.”

The judge noted that the Department of Corrections will determine any credit for time that Long has already served, and he said the parole board will determine his time of release.

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