Christian County Fiscal Court met Tuesday and approved an agreement to receive a donation for Ruff Park renovations from Sparkling Ice.

The beverage company out of Seattle, Washington, contacted Jonathan Zordel— president of the Hopkinsville Christian County Youth League — after a tornado had caused major damage to the youth baseball fields at Ruff Park in January.

Through the sparkling water company’s new “Cheers to You” initiative that is focused on town beautification projects, they looked to help aid and improve the quality of the fields.

The donation from Sparkling Ice amounts to just over $35,000 and was put toward new field coating for all eight youth baseball fields.

Zordel said this new field coating will improve the condition of the infields and helps eliminate rainouts for games because of weather in the future.

“We played on regular dirt,” Zordel said. “Dirt just like if you were to scalp your yard. It’s just our Kentucky red dirt that you play on. This field mix is a dirt mix and that dirt mix is what you find on your traditional baseball fields. It’s at Christian County High School, Hoptown High School (and) at Tiebreaker Park.”

The agreement approved by fiscal court recognizes the beautification project and includes that Sparkling Ice gets a sign out at the fields for a three-year period and a ribbon-cutting event in the future.

Zordel talked about how this year has literally been “rough” for the park after a storm tore through the park in January, tearing up the youth baseball fields.

Zordel said the youth league is excited this generous donation practically fell in their lap.

“This donation that we received from Sparkling Ice will help maintain the park’s condition for years to come,” Zordel said. “It will make a huge impact on the playing condition out there at Ruff Park. It also sets Ruff Park up to be able to potentially host our little league district tournaments. So, it all just kind of goes into the sustainability of the park as time goes on, so I believe it makes a huge impact out there.”

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