Last week on May 18, the local Fraternal Order of Police read their names and remembered the 10 law enforcement officers that have lost their lives in the line of duty dating back to 1893.

The memorial ceremony began with the posting of the colors Guard accompanied by the playing of bagpipes, Ed Smith and Hopkinsville Police Department.

FOP President Mike Velez encouraged those attending to never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their communities.

‘We are reminded of the unwavering commitment, serving their communities and their willingness to put their lives on the line to protect us. We must never forget the sacrifices they’ve made nor the impact they have in the communities they serve. The FOP memorial is a testament to their courage and their legacy and a reminder of the depth of gratitude we owe to these brave men and women,” said Velez.

Law enforcement officers from every local agency as well as first responders, representatives, family members and additional people of the community all gathered at the Police Memorial Park on West First Street behind the Hopkinsville Police Department to honor the lives of the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The keynote speaker of the afternoon, Christian County Judge Executive Jerry Gilliam, shared his condolences, while also paying respect to the fallen officers, ensuring that local law enforcement would be funded for every officer to have the best chance in providing safety and protection.

Hopkinsville Police Chief Jason Newby also stepped to the podium to remind the friends and families in attendance that his heart will forever be with them all as he will forever remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Before the service concluded, Mayor J.R. Knight and Christian County Judge Executive Jerry Gilliam, read a proclamation in honor of National Police Week.

The two shared the podium, reflecting on the service while also giving thanks to the laws of Christian County.

While each name was called with a drum roll, the flags of the park were lowered half way down in each officer’s memory. The Three Volley Salute was shared among the sound of the tapes and securing the spray.

Each year, this memorial is a reminder to uplift the officers that are no longer among us. The day was beautiful with clear skies, as the community stood in honor of those that have fallen.

The ten officers that were honored on Thursday were Officer R. H. West, Officer Henry Lane, Officer Charles Hord, Deputy Wallace Meyers, Officer Owen Flack, Officer Amos Faulkner, Trooper Joseph Ward, Officer Bob Banker, Specialist James Sakofsky and Officer Phillip Meacham.

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